Monday, September 21, 2020

久々. . .


Long time no see??
I can't believe it's been months since my last post~ It makes me kinda sad but for some reasons that even I don't fully understand, I took some time off SNS or at least some of my SNS~ Also haven't been very active on the ones I still posted in. But the truth is, I'm really hoping to go back to full power active like I used to! I miss it.

Well I don;t wanna bore you too much with EVERYTHING that happened recently cause it's really not that interesting, BUT the one big important thing is we're moving! We have a new apartment and we're gonna officially move there in 10 days!
Right now Israel is in second quarantine so I don't work, And it gives me time to pack everything, clean the new apartment and more stuff calmly. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we're gonna move the heavy furniture so probably gonna sleep there already but we'll see what happens.
The apartment is super cute and very close to our current one, But a little bigger? maybe? and in a better condition.
I really can't wait to move there already, Our old place is literally falling apart.
I spend my days packing and I found that I have 498340830498 clothes that I don't wear among other 434904049803 that I do wear so I have to get rid of a lot of things. So I sell my stuff SUPER cheap like 5~10 sheks (1$~3$) and the brand stuff I sell for something like 15$ or less on my Instagram and my fb.
And yet I have too many things to fit in my new closetT_T I really hope I can make it or else I have to get rid of more stuff, Not to mention I have a wishlist that is longer then my lifetime.

As for the new apartments style and decor we decided 70s pop style in orange, Red & Yellow~
Here are my inspo pics for this style^^

 Or in other word Showa era style XD

That of course does not include my Heisei bedroom that will stay the way it is but cuter:P
(when I say my bedroom I mean our bedroom but Hatuli has his own room where he works so the bedroom is "mine" to decorate)

I already bought super cute fabric for the curtains and also yellow paint for the furniture ^^ I can't wait to finish all the packing and moving and start decorating already! When will the fun part starts!

So yeah as I said we're officially on quarantine for 3 weeks so no AKP meets for us for this timeT_T I have this. I already miss my gals!

Anyway, I have to get back to work so bye bye for now and see you soon!<3



Saturday, July 25, 2020



So I told Emi I would blog this weekend and so I doXD
I wanted to bog about the last AKP meet BUT I found this on my drafts and thought I should at least finish posts I started lol
So it's about a random day Emi and I went to the Hisalo
It was a few weeks ago alreadyXD

Sweating at the hisalo

Matching waniwani

We went to Dizi and did our makeup~

Atsu are a must everyday

Eating lunch at Mcdo and looking through egg to get some ideas for Beitza:P

Veggie burger! Extra spicy~

Of course we ended up just chatting for hours lolol

And finding random stuff inside egg
I'm the shirtless Kefiyah guy

Took some puri thoughXD

idk XD

Buri homage 

While waiting for the bus home we snapped outfit pics~

Top...Bezalel market
Shorts...Bezalel market
Alba shopper
Accessories...Love Boat, handmade, off brand

I want to go back to blogging daily but I'm just so tired all the time:( This week I might have some extra free time that I don't want (I need money) but if I'm forced to have it I might use it for something like this lol

The posts I'm planning:
AKP meets
My Boom
Colorcon review 

If you have one that you rather see first let me know!