Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Hi Hi!

I have a day off today! Which is good cause I'm sick:( I still have to go out today but at least it's not to actual work~

Drinking a cup of coffee in my new favorite mug cup that I was lucky enough to find at the Shibuya mega donqi!! I thought I'll never have it since it was out of stock in the Shibuya109 web site T_T
yay! I'm so happy to have it!! The old 109 logo ugh;0; perfect

So on Monday I met my gals at Dizengoff Center! I missed my gyarusa meets!

Getting ready at 5 in the morning cause I was working a morning shift lol

So after work I went to meet Emi & Noy, They were waiting at mcdo and doing their makeup

I did my makeup as well~
I love the new Diamond lash glue <3

We're all poor so we ate lunch at mcdoXD

Of course I got ketchup on my overall

Then we went outside to take outfit pics!



Emi looks like Tsu chan on this one


of course lol


I love my twin

Amekaji PiyoChu~~

Outfit of the day~~

Overall...RyuRyu (Kinji)
Shoes...Zara brand
Shushu...TOPTEN brand

Bag...Cheer (Kinji)

This time we took the pics of the crossing so it was little dangerous lol

Getting ready to run as soon as the light turn green

Also Emi gave me an invitation for her Bday party!

I'm crying the George sketch, The little curl, The I dig you... Literally in tears

Chuunails squad!

Some more photos of the triplets

Then we went back inside and we met Innu that came right after work~

We went to get something to drink and goofed around all the way there so it took us forever as always

Getting Noy's assistance after I already fell on the wet pavement earlier that dayXD

Fun in the Center!



The center is always full of surprises XD


Christmas decorations are for sale everywhere in the center right now


Then of course we wanted to try the new SNOW Christmas filters and wow they are getting wild with each year passingXD

Santa san

Still the best one though

Then we went to but something to drink finally and went to sit somewhere and Emi was just being her elegant self

There were guys there practicing some dance so they asked us to leave lol 
But ok we understand, That's where we practice para para sometimes so..XD

Then we went to take purikura!

After doing actual purikura in Japan I can say I did miss this ugly old school feeling of the Israel "purikura", But still I wish there was an actual machine that u can take photos of you outfit and everything.. maybe one day:P

Meanwhile we'll be here in 2001

When we finished decorating the puri we went to get ready cause Noy, Innu & me had to do a style swap and become our 60s-70s (or 80s in Innu's case) selves, We were going to a  see a rock'n'roll live where the band we always go to see on Sundays played^^

On the way to the toilet we saw this:

We wanna get them they're SO CUTEEEEE XD

It was so fun to meet my gals after so long and hang together at the center! It's funny to think I was in Shibuya such a short while ago and now I'm here, For years I felt like being a gal in Japan is the ultimate gyaru lifu feeling and now I think that Tokyo and Tel Aviv are both the best places in the world for gals <33

Now I really have to get ready, Today I'm going to do styling after forever! I think I haven't done any photo shoot since I started working at Zara!
I'm really excited cause it's going to be with amazing people and in my fave style~ ugly 2000s fashion :DDD

I hope you all have a wonderful day!