Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Today's makeup~PiyoMinnie InstaDate!

Today was my makeup live with Mayu chan!<3
I did a Ranzuki inspired makeup like I said in my last post^^ This is how it turned out~

The lashes I used:

Diamond Lash Angel Eye

Diamond Lash Model Eye

I REALLY need to restock my lashes:O
But again, I need to save my money;;
It's been like. FOREVER!! Since I did this kind of makeup! Maybe is Japan I did something like that:O I always do oldschool make now I have to say I missed this style a little bit~ KiraKiraMe~~

So first we did out make~ Mayu did a princess makeup inspired by her old gyaru make^^

Of course we had to be crazy

While we did our makeup we talked about that time, 2011, Which is actually when Mayu and I became friends^^ We listened to the gal music of that time.. Juliet, Sally Miura, Kana Nishino, Aina & Yumachi, Milky Bunny..
 So many cute songsT_T I almost cried when our songs were playing.. 
We lip synced to the songsXD

And danced a little tooXD

It was really fun! I missed Mayu and also I missed those times when we started gyaru and everything was new, And this was the style that all the big names were doing~ My favorite models back at that time were Okarie and Suzu I think^^ And forever Tsu Chan.

I thought I'll share the two songs that are THE songs of PiyoMinnie

And also some more pics of today's make!^^

Shirt...Repipi Armario
Overall...Zara Man

Thank you Everyone who watched us today!

So, What are the plans for tomorrow?
Another Instadate! 
This time with Innu<3

Were going to do Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired makeup since Tsu chan is our forever favorite model!
Here are some inspo pics of Tsu chan's makeup!

I still can't decide which makeup I'll do specifically but it's something from 2007~2009 Tsu chan.
Innu will probably do her 2011 makeup<3

So tomorrow at 16:00 Israel time!
See you then!^^

I'n going to take a shower then go to sleep^^
Good Night


Ranzuki makeup inspo


Just a small up before my live with Mayu^^
I'm trying to look through my endless gyaru inspo folders for some makeup that I wanna try.
 I think I wanna do some 2009~2010 Ranzuki makeup,
 I'm gonna share some pics in the end of this post^^

For today's breakfast I had some healthy snack~ 2 bananas with raw tahini & honey

It's super heavy so I'm very full rnXD

Also I read some 2001 egg that this nice gal scanned and posted on sng
There are so many cute coords there!! The atsuzokos!T_T

I'm so inlove with her styleT_T So effortless and kakoii!!
I feel really inspired by lately but the sad thing is. That when I'm really inspired I feel like getting new clothes, And I can't cause I really need to save my money:(

Anyway, After reading some egg I hang the laundry like every day:P
Orange laundry day!

And now I'm sitting with Kve again and looking at some inspo

So here is what I wanna do

Like.. Big eye with big lashes (top and bottom) and a gap between the lash lines~

 And lots of blush:P
I haven't done this makeup in a long time but I'm gonna try my best:D

So I'm gonna go get ready! Be sure to watch us on Instagram live in half an hour:D