Thursday, April 15, 2021


Happy Birthday Israel!

Today my country is celebrating 73 years of independence!
In Israel, We have a memorial day for the soldiers that lost their life while serving in IDF and for the victims of terror attacks, Then in the evening of this day we celebrate our independence day.
The tradition is having a lot of fireworks to celebrate! 
So last night Hatuli and me went on a date to see the fireworks in Tel Aviv~ 

Wearing white to celebrate!

HimeRock :D

I really thought we wouldn't make it cause we left home super late, I worked yesterday morning and the shift was crazy and I was soooo tired I fell asleep in the afternoon when I got home and only woke up at like 19:30 T_T But then Hatul suggested we'll take a scooter~

We only took a scooter together once before and I was a little scared but in the end it was such a big part of the whole night and it was so fun!

And we made it!!! The moment we arrived to Rabin square the fireworks started! 

I was so happyT_________T

Then we went to eat at Mcdo

Makeup photo

Irl I was looking like this tho cause my eye kept leaking and my lashes didn't stay on like they are supposed to w but that's ok

Just walking around tlv before going back home

Then we took a scooter again and took the long way back home cause we had fun just driving!

We also listened to yu on the way back and it was literally the prefect momentT_T

HANABI \ Ayumi Hamasaki

ByeBye Tel Aviv see you again soon!

I had a great time with my Hatul!

I was really tired and thought I will sleep late today but I woke up like 2.5 hours before my alarm clock w so I thought I'll blog cause didn't have time at all this week!

Well, I wish you all a lovely day and I wish Israel a happy birthday! 


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Akipoyo Meet 29.3💋

I'm so tiredddddddddd

But I'm gonna make a new post about last week's AKP meet! cause we already met this week and I know that I have to blog in chronological order or I'll get crazy w does anyone else feel like that?w

I met Akipoyo in Dizisen after work~ Emi couldn't make it n the end but we met this week

Did my make at work~ Not the best but I look ok

We got something to eat and it was Pesach so it was hard to find something to eat cause everything is kosher w
I bought a saladXD And Innu really enjoyed my Pesach bun that I got with my food XD
We sat next to the puri (this reminds me that we always sit there but it's been so long since we actually took purikura!!!!)

Then I suddenly saw..............
And of course I chased her
And of course I had to be a creep
But she was SO CUTE!!!!!!! She showed me where she got it and we talked a little and even exchanges numbers:D Another beebles fan to be a stan with<3

Then we went to So Bing to get matcha:P We always end our meets there

And we also took some outfit snaps

Tshirt...Colza from Emi
Hat...DonDon Down

I was as always very very tired after work but had lots of fun

I really wish I could have a meet on my day offT_T Everytime I meet the gals after work it's very practical cause I'm already at Dizi but I don't have time to do my makeup properly and put my exte inT_T and also I'm so so tired which is not fun:( I mean it could just be perfect if it was on my day off but somehow I'm always busy on my day off or it changes last minute to another day cause we get delivery at work
It won't be next week as well w but maybe the week after?
Tbh I'm just glad I can meet my circle every week

Now I'm gonna go take a shower and do some skin care before I go to sleep 
I also need to choose an outfit cause tomorrow I meet Noy & Innu after work too! 
Busy week but that's basically my favorite kind of week where I see my friends a lot! Charged with genkiness!

See you next time!



I almost forgot to put an Ayu song!!!!

Boys&Girls \ Ayumi Hamasaki
This whole album btwT_T<3333

Anyway, bye w