Friday, October 22, 2021

秋メイク~natural lashes♡


Wanted to tell u about my make from this week~

Tried something a little different 
As I went for more natural and hippie co*de I wanted light natural make as well which was the perfect opportunity to try my new lashes!

Sugar veil natucutie eye(。-ω-)

They said to have funwari curl and some brown mix in them~ the brown is mixed in the outer corner so the effect is not very enlarging or dolly but actually more natural like promised 

I also used my new diamond beauty cream eyeshadow again (orange gold)

I loooove the lashes!!!!
I was afraid they will look too natural and not viable but the length and curl actually shows, but in a very soft way(゚ω゚)

Also completed the look with orange blush & apricot lipstick♡

I usually hate how my make comes out when I do it after work but this time besides my tired base make I was very pleased with it
Definitely gonna repeat this makeup again I feel like it's perfect for fall🍁

Gonna go take a shower なう~



Left home before sunrise again ( TДT)

Today's simple code, they said it's gonna be hot
Skirt...LL doll
Necklace...Raspberry cute&groovy 


Today on the way to work I for some reason remember how when I was a teenager I used to listen to this album non stop

Gagaku by Miyavi

I started listening again till I got off the bus and I feel inlove again 
It's so good( 。゚Д゚。)!!?

I have to go my break is over ww but I'll talk to u later!


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Hippie Gal! ☮️&❤

Casual bohemian co*de for meeting Noy!

Top...a present 
Bag...second hand 

Point of fashion is the acce overload!

Ofc my G.H necklace 

I was inspired by this spread on the September egg! Hippie gal☮️

I'm inloveeeeee with every single look here!!!
The colors♡♡♡♡ and Tsu♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♤

Didn't have time to do much with my hair 

I can't wait for my hair salon appointment next month...(〃´ω`〃)

Going to sleep now, see u tomorrow!




It's my day off(((o(*゚∀゚*)o)))

Went to the post office to pick some packages for Hatul & myself 

Look at this cute mymelo hairclip I bought at Noy's shop! I love the red hood mymelo more💕💕😌💕💕

The weather was sooo nice♡♡

Hibi shopping cart to carry everything home

Did I ever mention I bought those kitty chan slippers from emi a while ago?🤔 so I did! And I love them sm!♡

On my way home after I picked everything..


Now I'm home having another coffee
I finished organizing my new home decor that I ordered

But I'll post it later~

Just look at this!!!!! 

I'm so inlove (´;ω;`)♡

Anyway, gotta go!


Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Just got back from Dizisen...

I'm so tireddddd\( ̄0 ̄)/

I had a date with noy for Tom Petty's bday💖 Happy birthday Tom!

Did my make in the kitchen after work w
Tried new lashes as well!

I like how it came out!

Kinda natural and perfect for what I went for today~~

My base looks like shit cause I was after work ( TДT)

I'm gonna do a proper post about my make and I'll review the lashes maybe, I really like them!

Used orange blush today! After a long time☆^^

We ate veggie burgers at mcdo and then went to so Bing to drink boba♡

Noy said I looked like a cult leader


I'm SO tired

Tomorrow I have my day off and my only plan is to rest!

See u tomorrow!


おはー (・ё・)♡

This was yesterday's co*de~ full Liz Lisa🌼

Used my pink Diamond beauty eyeshadow cream as well

It doesn't look pink in pictures but irl it's like baby pink but the most important thing is the glitter♡

Boots...Aliexpress w

Earrings from ParisKids🌹

Boho style is perfect for autumn 

I left the house so early it was dark
When I got to the bursa it started to become more clear

Today is Tom Petty's bday and Noy & I meet to celebrate ww
I'm meeting her in Dizisen after work~

I'll post pics!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Oldschool phone links!★

Hi hi! It's Piyo again(・e・)

So I saw many people are interested in flip phones and many have asked me for the link to my flip phone from Aliexpress ^^ so I thought I'll do a post with some links that I found!

Important notice⚠️
The only phone I tried is the Samsung C3520! But I would like to try others in the future ^^
I'm only sharing links I have found for good prices BUT there might be better sellers so be sure to check all reviews and ranking before u purchase ^^

Here we go!

Flip phones

The one I got!
I still don't have a sim card so can't review 100% but it's super cute, it has internet once u put in the sim card and u can basically use it as any phone, rn I'm using bluetooth to transfer images from it to my smartphone and the other way around, CHO→simple!
The camera is low quality ofc but isn't that what we're here for? w
It doesn't have flash but I think some phones here do so if it's important to u check it out!

The reason I chose this one other then the price is the similarity to japanese phones and a lot of deco space!
I'm so happy with it!

In this link u can only get the blue one but it comes in many colors and ofc pink~
That's the one I was considering if I should get while I was choosing a flip phone~ it's so cute!
I love the blue color sm and the lights on the cover showing the time! U can also change it to be an animal or heart if I understood correctly! How cute??
I didn't buy it in the end cause it was more expansive

I found another seller that has the pink one!

This one would be super cute to deco!
If you're into oldschool like very early 2000s I think this one is perfect cause of the little screen☆

What else do I need to say about this iconic phone???
Bimbo gals this one's for u

Slide phones

I realllyyyy want a white slide phone. I couldn't find one but look what I did found w

The purple one looks so so cute & cool@
The screen looks big and I just really like the design in general 
This looks like the slide version on my phone, but it's nokia
It's actually really really cute I love slide phones it's so cool imo and I'm now reading yumachi & aina's blogs and they both have slide phones and it makes me want one w

That's it!
I'm sure there r cute ones out there that I didn't see but those r options that I really liked ~♡

Which one is your favorite??
Are u gonna get one? Let me know which one😍😍👌🏽