Sunday, January 17, 2021

Black Eyeshadow. .

It's soooooo cold latelyT_T Just when I thought winter will never arrive~ It was kinda hot last week
Now I'm freezing and I feel like I'm gonna catch a cold><

Yesterday I was bored and decided to try a new makeup style
I think it's best if I do it when I'm not going anywhere cause it might not come so well, And I was rightXD
I tried a makeup tutorial from egg using black eyeshadow~ I know black eyeshadows over my whole eyelid usually don't look good on me but I love it on other pplT_T So I thought ok let's give it another shot

I have to say I still didn't like the resultXD
Maybeeeeee if I had different lenses that are not as big but I just felt like it doesn't look cute:P

I also didn't wanna waste any eyelid stickers cause I ordered new ones long time ago and they still did not arrive, And I have so little left:P
So the combination was.. not good
Well idk, I feel like black eyeshadows just don't work for me, And I tried applying them in different ways over the years
I guess it's cause my eyes are quite small

I did like my outfit and hair though!
Top...Tralala brand
Chain belts...eBay

When I took off my lenses I liked the make A liitleeee better but still no

I think I'll stick with light eyeshadows or at least limit the black eyeshadow to the outer corners of the lid cause when I use them on the whole lid my eyelashes become invisible w

 I'm gonna go with Emi to the central station to see if something is open there
I hope the Asian market is open I need to buy foodT_T
Still not sure what to wear~~

Wish you all a lovely day!


Friday, January 15, 2021


Today's post is about.........


I made a new phone case today^_^

It started as another boring day, I had a stomach ache T_T But then after I felt a little better, And also the rain stopped, I thought I should get up, Get dressed and go out for some grocery shopping and fresh air since I was stuck in the house for too long.

Sweatshirt...central station tlv
skirt...central station
Hat... x Gilfy
Shoes...ACDC Rag


Finally wore this hat

Then I got home and I felt a lot better, The fresh air did good and I felt kinda energetic, BUT it was super old so I took out my fake kotatsu

It's fake cause it's just a blanket over the living room tableXD I'm too scared of electric blankets tbh
Anyway it's still very cozy and nice to sit in the living room now~

I chilled a little drinking coffee and listening to records and then I decided I'm gonna do something I planned to do for a few weeks now and was too lazy to do


I have 349583045830 unused deco parts and stuff I planned to deco over the years, And also a lot of broken accessories I saved especially for that.
I wanted to make a deo phone case and a deco mirror but the thing is, I didn't have any rhinestones in the colors I wanted, Just a lot of colorful ones
So I decided this time I'm gonna make a rainbow deco phone cover and I'll get the stuff I want on Sunday!
This is the result!

The bunny in the first photo has a safety pin on the back so I can put it on and take it off if it bothers me:P
It looks cute without it too!

I really like the result even though I wanted something more pink & black, but that's ok cause I actually have a pink deco case on the way from Aliexpress ww and also a sparkly purple one that I plan to deco!
This was so fun and I really want to make more stuff already!!
I need to get more things and also more clear glue.
Btw, Do you know if there is anything you can put as a top coat on the whole case so it will keep them from falling for sure? The glue is ok but I wanna make sure it stays whole ww

Also, Wanted to thank you guys so much for your sweet comments on my last post! This means a lot cause I'm always so insecure about hair!

Gonna go to sleep now and I'll see you tomorrow<3



Thursday, January 14, 2021

Hair experiments✌


For the first time in my life I tried to do sujimori!
Not a complicated one, Just the super basic princess\doll hair 

I watched some Japanese tutorials I found on YouTube and just tried what I saw there!
It's my first time so be gentle XD
What do you think??

Used my 25 mm curing wand but I really need to try it with a bigger one 

The back and side turned out -ish, Needs more practice and more hairspray!

I'm so happy! This was so not complicated as I thought!
It took me longer to put my exte in www
I wanna try it again but a little bigger when I get more hair spray, And I really can't wait to see how it looks with makeup on!

This had been something I wanted to do for a really long time. I always felt like my weakest point was hair, And that's why I never ever dared to try. 
Sometimes I convince myself (and other ppl w) that I can't do something cause I like selling myself short, I really don't know why. It's not so bad until it actually stops me from trying things cause I'm afraid of the minor failure (I guess)
This gave me hope w

Have a good night cuties