TLV Fahsion week outfit

Hi Cuties!

I realized I've never blogged about my outfit to the TLV fashion week! And what's more important then what you're wearing to a bog fashion event?XD
So last year I also went there and tbh, I didn't feel like my outfit was so interesting~ I was wearing something pink and frilly which is cute, But it's not so much MY OWN style like it wasn't something I could say ok I have a say in this outfit. You know what I mean?
I feel like sometimes, Or most of the times, People in Israel and in general are counting on the items they are wearing and not on the coordinating, like ok I have this bomb dress and I'm gonna stand out and it might be true, But to me when I do that I feel uninspired and like everyone could wear it the same way and get the same react. So that kinda adds to what I said in my last post about buying off brand items and coord them in a gal style~ 

So I just start to rumble on and on and I wanted to show you my outfit lol

Dress...second hand
Boots...Esperanza X OK
Accessories...SBY, off brand

So the point behind this outfit is basically the combination between my 2 loves in fashion: Gyaru &  60s 

The dress is a real retro dress I bought at a final sale in some vintage shop in Tel Aviv and I'm just  inlove with the pattern and the colors*0* The combination of pinkXorangeXyellow is LIFE
Noy and I wanted to wear our Alba coats to the fashion week (LOL) So I wanted to wear something with my coat that will still stand out and have a very POP color scheme. 
Also I added the new boots I got for Espe to complete the retro look cause there is nothing more retro then white gogo boots:D And that flower cut is so cuteT_T
So that's about the retro part but what about the gal points?
I love how in the 90s there was a trend to wear 60s & 70s stuff like saike patterns and bell bottoms etc, So I wanted to give this oldschool look a 90s touch, And I added the small mobile phone I got at the flea market:D 

It's originally blue but since I never throw away anything I saved this cute teddy bear cover from when I actually HAD that phone, And I changed the blue cover to this and added the SBY hibiscus charm and the 100en pink dot string lol
I don't know if you know, But I'm OBSESSED with old phonesXD I literally have a collection that gets bigger and biggerXD
I don';t need them to work I just love their aesthetic and I use them as an accessory:>

One last point is the retro style plastic earrings

I love them so much they are so 60s teeny booperXD And they go well with the white boots:3

I feel like this year I was definitely more pleased with my outfit then last year and I had my own style in it^^
I definitely want to do more of that combo in the future!

Also big thanks to the sweet Orikumma for those cool pics^0^ Check out her IG page 
to see cool looks from the streets of our beloved Tel Aviv!

That's it for today's longer the expected postXD




Off brand Gyaru - Thoughts & GETS

Hi Hi everyone!<3

So yesterday I said I'm going to do a big GET post, But until then, I do have some small gets that I wanted to show you from a while ago:>

So as some of you already know, I really like to do simple everyday gal coords, And most of the time,  I use off brand or fast fashion items that are available in my area. I think that some people who wants to start doing gal it looks scary cause they might feel like they have to get THE BRANDS to make a good gal look and that looks hard or expansive or for any other reason impossible and that makes them give up even trying, BUT
The gaijin gyaru community is not like that at all. There is no BURANDO obsession like you might think~ people like the brands, But so many gals are wearing just off brand\hand made\fast fashion and make so many amazing gal coords! Also I feel like in the community, if you're a beginner gal you are expected to try harder on the makeup and not buy 4398304983 brand items. It's better you use your everyday clothes to make gal coords and spend time on trying new makeup and new hair techniques^^ 

So first of all I wanted to say that I really support off brand gal coords and I'll be more then happy to help any gal to make coordinates out of her wardrobe! You'll be surprised how many you can make with stuff that you didn't think that are gal at all!
Second, I'll be writing more about it in my blog and might do lookbooks or something like that if anyone will be interested^^

So in that note I wanna show you my new off brand & fast fashion gets from recently^^

First of all, I bought some stuff on the ZARA sale that just ended, And I can believe how cheap it was:OO

Maxi tight skirt

I wanna wear it Hoshino Aya style like with a floral blouse and atsuzoko sandals<3 Also it will be very cute for oldschool in general with a crop top and a ten gallon hat!

I LOVE knitted summer itemsXD
And if they are glittery even moreXDDD

Mini dress and a top\outer

Look how pretty!!
The skirt was 30 nis and those were each for 20 nis!!!! That's crazy

Gonna wear the dress over a turtle neck I think~ Good for both styles I like- Oldschool gyaru and 60s\70s fashion <3

Also it was Purim in Israel, Which is the Jewish holiday where we wear costumes and that means so many great gal items for saleXDDD People are like ok I'll buy this for one time then I'll store is somewhere until a friend needs a leopard cowboy hat next Purim, And I'm like OK LET'S GO SHOPPING FOR ALL YEAR GAL WARDROBE

So here they are! My new ten gallon hats!:D The one on the right was 20 nis and the left one was 5 !!!!! cause Purim is over and they are selling all purim stuff 50% off XDDDDDD

Bought this for seifuku^^ I have a tie I bought at  ParisKids but I can't tie it even if my life are depend on it lolol

 so there is a built in one for meXD

Also it had my name on it.

And other stuff that I got:
Ugly green 2000s scarf & a black fake fur bag, 10 nis each

I hope you can see it has butterflies on it~

TOPTEN which is an Israeli accessories brand had a 50% off on all hats and scarfs so~
The hat is actually pink but it came out weird:X The scarf I bought cause I saw that Angeleek video with Aya wearing something similat and I really wanted to try a coord like hersXD

Another thing you can get in Purim: Glitter roll on!:D I wanna get another color, Hopefully I can still find it in stores~

So that's it for my GET post today, I'll make another one soon cause I have some new stuff I bought online<3
I hope you find this post interesting and I'll be happy to know what are your thoughts about off brand gyaru^^

Have a lovely day!



Harucon 2019


How are you today?
I'm on my second day off~ I got my wisdom tooth pulled out yesterdayT_T (+I got my period so #@$%$^) And i'm not feeling 100% but I hope tomorrow it will be already over.
In today's post I wanted to tell you about Harucon!
Last week there was the Harucon event in Jerusalem and we went there to give a lecture about oldschool gal fashion like I said on my previous posts^^

omw to Jerusalem

On the train~ I'm so not used to go there by train cause when I lived there for 4 years there was no station near the central bus station (Which was close to everywhere u needed to go basically so it was just stupid that there was no train station there...) And I always travelled by bus which was a NIGHTMARE

When I got there I went to Noy's Panda shop<3

Her Summer Forever collection is the cutest thing ever!!!


So we already gave a few lectures in the part about gal fashion & history and so on, And this time we wanted to do something different and relevant and since oldschool gal is a trend in the gaijin community as well as the Japanese gals.. can I call it community? idk
anyway, We did a lecture called 'Gyaru #2: Manba, Yamanba & Ganguro' and we were very surprised to see a lot of people in the room and no one even left lol

We were talking about the beginning of gal and how and why it evolved into the ways it did and the styles that were "on trend" like ganguro and manba, And we finished in banba which was the Paris Hilton boom lol that basically started the look of the hay days gyaru (Tsubasa, etc). Also we talked a lot about the gaijin community and why is oldschool gal is in trend today<3

I really love giving those lectures and talk about gal and I hope to do more in the future^^

And for another thing!
This was my outfit for the con

Boots...Esperanza X OK
Bag...Jagariko shop in Okinawa (Thank u NoyXD)
Accessories...LOVE BOAT, Panda Shop, SBY, etc

Unfortunately not all AKP gals could make it to this con, But us girls still had lots of fun!<3
With Mayuminnie & Noy<3


The smol

That day's makeup was kogyaru style with very blue eyeshadow and white lipstick<3

Akipoyo X Shalom Chan!

With Noga<3

After the lecture we just hang and then we did some Parapara (Thanks to the ppl who watched our live lol)
Before going home: Our pink junk

So I had fun with my gals and I had fun lecturing BUT I must say that I kinda feel to old for cons and I think that if I wasn't a part of the "program" like giving a panel or something like that I would have less fun then I did:( It's kinda sad cause I used to have so much fun at those cons! idk what changed maybe I AM too old:( Does anyone else feel like that?

I'm thinking about doing a big post about all our Purim adventures as our dead idols lolol so I might work on that tonight\tomorrowXD
Also a big GET post is planned this week! Stay tuned^3^