ANAP Movings Ltd.

IT'S OVER!!!!!!

Just an hour ago I gave away the keys to our old apartment and I'm so relieved!!!!

I got some help in those 2 last days
First of all
Yesterday after my desperate post Emi texted me asking if I need help and then she arrived and helped me move so A LOT
Plus the company was so uplifting 
Thank u so much I appreciate it to no end(;´д`)♡♡
We accidentally twinned with ANAP so we were ANAP Movings Ltd.

(Emi: "common let's do another round Anap don't pay us to sit aroud)

Today I had a few more things to throw away and move to the new apartment

Anap again w

After sleeping 2.5 hours and waking at 5 am

2 of Hatul's friends came to help and it was a bless!!! We finished everything and they were really nice!
Now the new apartment looks like a junk stock room

But I'm so glad it's over!!!!!! It was a nightmare 

I'm now on my way to tlv to take back our checks from the old landlord cause well.. we were only there for what? 8 months?

When I get home I'll try to unpack a little so we can live w
This is the ok part

Gotta go I'm getting off the bus!
See u♡




My only comfort rn is this qaqqa I bought at the Iraqi bakery 

I'm so tired from  moving things and going up and down up and down the stairs 
I wish it will end already!!!!!!!


Moving Day📦


Yesterday was moving day
It was SO exhausting 

Try to rest a little Kve don't push yourself too hard


The truck arrived at noon and they started moving everything, I bet it was nightmare we live in the 4th floor and has no elevator 

At least now we live in the second floor w

Shortly after they arrived Emi came to be my emotional support cause I was wining to her on the phone earlier  ww♡

Then after they left and emi also had to go to work Hatuli's friend came to help moving more stuff like some bags and small things and after he left I kept working until 23:00 then I had to stop and go to sleep(;´д`)

Still so much to do!!!

Today I'm working so I'll continue organizing everything today and tomorrow and hopefully I won't die from being to tired w

I can't wait for next week, I want to meet my gals so much(T-T)

Well, I'll keep updating later today!



Country co*de💐


 Let's pretend yesterday's co*de is today's co*de

Wearing some new items I got!

It's a little big on me but it's still cute

It is one of those items that were on my wishlist since I had Poupeegirl w
Here's the actual photo I had of it

Lately I got a lot of my dream poupee girl items and it makes me so happy(((o(*゚∀゚*)o)))

Also I got those shorts that I really like and I feel like they go with so many tops I have
Like mostly tunics that are my boom rn♡

I want light blue denim ones as well

And check out those cute back pockets(ノ≧▽≦)ノ

Tomorrow is the day we move and I'm so stressed I wish I had a day off today too cause I still have so many things to organize and I'm only be home at 6 pm today..

I can't wait to get this moving over with so I can have life>< not just social life but like I'm so tired all the time
There's no break for me in this life

Yesterday I listened to RAINBOW (Ayu's album) and I'm listening to it again today
Somehow it fits my mood today too
(´- `*)

Well, I wish u all a great day!
See u♡



I lost my Ayu charm!!!!!!!!!!!!(´;ω;`) 

Today at work I noticed it wasn't on my phone anymore💔💔💔💔💔💔
I'm so saddddd

It was from 2009(;´д`)

Ayuuuuuu I'm sorryyyyyyy




I'm on the bus and I'm late for work
I left home super early just to wait for the bus 5686578 years
And both buses were so crowded I hate starting work at 8:00 cause of that, it's like the rush hour and everything is a nightmare ( >д<)、;'.・
At least I listened to LOVEppears fully:')


Top...off brand
Accessories...off brand

Point of fashion is One*Way jacket🌼

And ラブボ surf kei necklace 

Today's face

As always just natural make for work~ 
Drawing angry eyebrows so costumers won't talk to me

I need a new everyday eyeshadow palette asap!

Today I'm gonna pack some more cause on Wednesday we officially move
This is so stressful 
I hate this part of moving cause I live out of boxes and that's so annoying to me 

とにかく I hope everyone has a great day!
See u later✌🏼


Izakaya & Conbini pajama party!


Interesting post for a change w
Before this whole situation happened and the war and everything (...)
I met Emi for an Izakaya date, And after the date she came for a sleep over and in the morning we went to the beach with Akipoyo!

Well I completely forgot to blog about our date!
So here it is:D

First, co*de!

With the rolls in my hair w


Hair~~ Trying something new

I'm not sure I really liked it but maybe when I try again it comes out better^^

~~ It was kinda Hozu inspired

Oh if I forgot to say Emi is Mipo and I'm Hozu on our new game w

Playing around with my egg uchiwa

Met Emi and we went to the Izakaya

Ordered some sake ofc

I also ate some edamame-wasabi sticks and gomaae cabbage as always w
My faves
The Izakaya guy was like oh wow we haven't seen you guys in a while
Our Izakaya friendXD

Then after we got daijobu we went out to the street for a little walk

Better outfit pic


 and after that we went back home
Then we were hungry again so we went to the conbini to get something to eat

Pajama party at the conbini


We got some food and went home and made something to eat and then finally we went to sleep w and we had to wake up early the next morningXD So we didn't sleep much but it was worth it

And a bonus pic

I really want to go out again and see my friends and I hope this week it will be possible maybe (?) cause as it seems the situation is back to "normal" which means that we don't get bombed every 0.5 second but it's still pretty scary to go out cause of people....

Hoping everything will be better soon

See you tomorrow!