Waiting at the doctor so I'll show u today's co*de 


Knit...Rose fanfan
Pants...Rose fanfan
Inner...Tally weijl


It's so dark outside (;_;)
We switched to winter time last night and now it gets dark really early

I have nothing planned for tonight I'm only gonna rest but I'm getting my nails done this Thursday and also I'm meeting Akipoyo ♡ 
I hate when I have too much free time

Well I have to go in so bye for now!



I'm SO late for work
I have to be there in 5 minutes (!!!) And stuck in traffic
Just got on my second bus so it's bad
I had to wait for my first bus for 20 minutes then was stuck in traffic for 25 minutes.. god

It's just rain! It happens every year!
Why does it have to be mayhem every time?

Last night I went to a live with noy

It's a local band that we knew when we used to go to the blues lives before covid ((;_;))
The music & show were both great

I also bought a tshirt to help with their second album(^。^)y-~

Today after work I'm finally going to see a doctor after all this time I have stomach pain ( TДT)
We'll see

Talk to u later!



On Monday I met Not at Dizisen(。・ω・。)

We snapped some pics 

FRUiTS style edit


We also ofc had boba at SoBing 

We got snacks at the supermarket 

And then we sat next to the puri and looked through this month's Popteen & Ranzuki♡

I really hope this week we can meet more cause this week I barely saw anyone other then my coworkers:')

Also I got some cute outfits I wanna wear but they said it's gonna get warmer???
Like on Monday it's gonna be 30° excuse me sir 
R u alright 

What am I suppose to wear??

I need some inspo w




Omw to work~

Today's co*de
Tshirt...Listen Flavor 
Skirt...Dondon Down


This is one of my favorite tshirts
The fabric is so nice and it's so oversized and cute
I wanted something a little bit Halloweeny at least.. (´;ω;`) so rokku w

The guy who sat next to me on the bus station today

Handsome ♡

I'm going to my parents this weekend which is good cause they'll be someone who can take me to the ER in case I get worse wwww
Jk guys I'm not gonna die for u just yet but I really need to see a doctor (going on Sunday)

This week was kinda depressing cause I felt sick and didn't do much
But I hope next week will be better!

Going now,
See ya☆




I'm feeling sick
But I washed my hair so it's very 'This Song' 

That's it that's the post




Dizisen is doing a free ride month

It's for kids and for us

I'm going to sleep but hopefully tomorrow I'll be less lazy and blog w




Today's outfit is 2000 FRUiTS
But also a little bit Ran pyon

Pants...Second hand 
Bag...no logo
Headband...hand made

Wanted a more colorful jacket but that's the best I could find in a short notice w

Is this one of the 1000000 outfits I planned today?


But oh well┐('~`;)┌

I'm one to meet noy and the trafficcccc( >д<)、;'.・

But it's such a lovely hour 

I liked my makeup today, I'll post photos later!-♡

Bye for now~~☆

Fall outfits in the making


The weather is getting colder + I got new inspo + my room was indescribable 
So I had to make some new outfits 

I wouldn't say all done but at least some is done

The giant shelf is for outfit~ I fold them together so I can quickly choose what to wear

Ofc when I say quickly it means QUICKER w it still takes me time to find what I wanna wear out of those

I'm meeting Noy at Dizisen and I need to pick an outfit soon cause I gotta get readyyyyy
But I can't choose


What's the point w




I finished at my doctor early and had like 1.5 hours till work so I'm having coffee near Dizisen

I brought a book with me

I knew I might have time to kill and actually I kinda wanted to look at this book all weekend 

lately I've bee  feeling pretty nostalgic and as part of it I miss the oldschool Harajuku fashion w
I miss 90s fruits 
I literally grew up on this book, I owe it so much
It was THE thing that started my love for Jfashion, u can say

I feel like I might wanna do some outfits inspired by it this winter, so I was looking for inspo

Ofc I have to mention the girl that I loved the most, she was my absolute goal

The one with bleached hair
She's so cuteeee the hair the style the charisma 
She's everything I wanted to be we

I'll post my favorite looks on my Instagram story later!

Now back to the book!



Yesterday's co*de:

Dress...second hand
Cardigan...second hand
Bag & watch...W❤C

I just wanted to mention once again how much I love Diamond Beauty cream eyeshadow 

U need to use so little of it to be so glittery! The orange gold one is the perfect eye make for daily makeup

This weekend I was working on Friday then I went home and slept till 23:00 (!)
I was so tired(;_;)
Then I woke up and did some stuff around the house then I noticed we ran out of food for Kve so I went to the conbini in the middle of the night w
Andy called this look 'Tokyo nights 2011'

Yesterday I went to visit my grandparents and then Hatul's parents came to visit at our apartment (^ω^)
Then in the evening I went to meet friends and came home super late (for me)
1:00 am!!
I'm not used to it anymore we

Today I have a doctor's appointment so I'm working an evening shift

I basically have no plans for the week, I wanna celebrate mayu's bday alreadyyy but she's in santorini with bf w

♡☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*♡

I can't wait for my hair salon appointment!!!

It's 14/11 and it's a place I wanted to go for a long time!

Lately I'm struggling with my hair more then usual, the color is really messy and I also need a haircut already 
I can't really use my exte cause the cut and the color insanely unmatch ww

I have 2 sets of exte in the same color
They r kinda pinkish blond a little ashy it's hard to explain w
It looked cute in the beginning but now my hair is so yellow and uneven that it just doesn't work


I wanna do this color for my whole hair
It's something like pink blonde

Rose champagne 

Idk I told the hair dresser and she said it's gonna be a big process but it's possible 
So I can't wait!

Anyway I ramble too much I still have stuff to do today w
See u later!

Have a lovely week♡♡