PiyoBerry Date!

This is a late night update~~ I really need to go to sleep cause I have a long day tomorrow, But I wanted to make a new post todayT_T

I had a day off today so I met Noy<3 

First we met at the tanning salon 
I didn't get mY ROOM that had the bEATLES PHOTO ON THE WALL

From there we went for a quick stroll in the Carmel market & Allenby street for cheap getsXD

I really feel like Akipoyo should get those I'm just not sure what for yet xxx

Then we went to the center and did our makeup at our usual spot~
I did a pretty casual makeup using the same eyeshadow I used last time we met at the center~~ Should I do a post about this casual makeup?

I do feel like I should have brought a different pair of lenses like light brown but well... I really need new lenses already :X
I was wearing my PiyoKoPiyoKo hat made by me^^ Another thing I need to do is take new orders cause I really took a break from that since I was so busy at work but that's not goodT_T 
Well I'm starting to perapera here so back to the post!

After that we went eating and then we went to practice some parapara~ We learn a new dance today called Melody [song by NAGISA~ I love the song so much!!!] 

Then we went to McDonald's again and ate some fries and here is a beutiful thing we found at a shop near McDonald's

Also we used that old photo booth that there is at the center lol it's making either passport photos or what they call "Amusement photos" bye 
So the amusing photo we chose was this:

And we printed 2 and we wanna decorate them:D
Actually we were talking about how the only thing that missing at the center is a purikura machine. will someone PLEASE make a puri room there already? I wish I was a proper adult and I could do it myselfXD

Anyway the truth is I actually like those low budget purikura photos fells very oldschool*_*

As for today's outfit, It was a struggle cause I'm really sick of winter clothes and I want to make cool 
spring\summer outfits alreadyT_T but it was super rainy today and so I had to wear a winter outfit:X

Knit...Simplicity (The shop I was working at in the past)
Dress...10 sheks at Alenby street
Boots...Question Mark
Bag...Zoya (local shop at Allenby st.)
accessories...LOVE BOAT

And also a coat from Renuar I bought a thousand years ago

Also a bonus pic of me telling this guy to gtfo when he tried to get into my outfit pic<3

I had a really fun day and I feels I used this off day properly!

Tomorrow I'm going to Oren Gal's even at Sugar Rush and again it was a struggle to find an outfitT_T I wanted Amekaji but felt like it's TOO casual for the event so I went on something more Egg style amekaji then Ranzuki amekaji~ with a JSG shirt and my Espe boots. anyway you'll see tomorrow^^ 




Seifuku at the Center


Last week I met Netta & Noy at Dizengoff Center and Noy & I finally wore seifuku! We always want to wear it but then we're like "oh but I have this outfit that I wanna wear" so somehow it never happens w 
the last time I wore seifuku was in the end of summer with Netta ("the end" I remember it was burning hot lol)

We met after work and did our makeup at McDonald's as always

At first we wanted to do a manba makeup but then the night before I was watching this video about Angeleek gyarusa and instead of making me wanna do manba makeup there was this one girls there with her 2005 gal makeup that I LOVED XD
Basically grey\black eyeshadow with white highlights and lipstick and this eyebrows.

This was the seifuku I was wearing this time~ the basic tan color cardigan with gray skirtXD My point of fashion was my Alba shopper and my oldschool phone^^

Loose socks...Donqi


PiyoBerry <3
w w 

Noy made us the cutest troll rings!!! You can purchase them at her 'Panda Shop' ^^

We also practiced our parapara for the Jubilee lol 

We did a live video on instagram and I'm surprised I didn't have a massive unfollow afterXD

With our new 15 Sheks ten gallons lolol

Also I did an Egg inspires "Magazine scan" like the ones I used to do for the Akipoyo blog RIP
I'm thinking about making more of those^^ It's just really annoying to do them on LINE camera :X

Today I'm working in the evening and tomorrow I finally have a day off! yayT_T
I really need to do stuff today but I'm not feeling so well so I'm just sitting here blogging lol I should get up;-;

So I hope everyone's week is good so far and keeps getting better!



Gyaru research - Old School Onee

It's now 11:12 am and I have time before work so I thought I'll tell you about my latest gal research w
What do I mean by a 'Gal Research'?
Whenever I wanna try a new style or I have like an important event that I need a special specific look for I do a style research and what I usually do is choosing a gal\gals and start going through their SNS and save loads of pics and note to myself the important stuff like makeup, hair, brands, colors and shapes of clothes and so on.
right now I'm doing a research about oldschool onne gyaru~ and more specifically 2007~2010 onne style.
The reason for this is actually started as a conversation between me and my circle sister Mayuminnie. We were talking about how she always likes to dress up fancier and she wants us to dress as what we call "princesses" sometimes, and the problem is, I'm more of a casual fashion person.. I don't really feel comfortable in fancy or too fancy clothes. I used to dress in sweet himekaji and onee and even did Agejo a few times but it never felt like it was really ME as much as I feel in oldschool or Amekaji. Still I feel like when we go out for a fancy dinner or something like that I want to be more fancy but still feel myself, So I thought trying the oldschool onee will be cool cause its fancy but not too dolly. 
So now when I think about oldschool onee it really reminds me of the days I only started gyaru cause back in 2008 I used to be addicted to a few gal models blogs and 1 of them was Shizuka Muto's blog, and I really think of her as the godmother of onee up until today!
So here I am, going through her blog all over again from the very beginning. For now what I found was mostly gal life pics and hair make pics in bad resolution BUT it still inspires me and so I thought I would share it with you~

Loving this look SM

They were my fave trio I mean OMG this is so iconic T______T

I really wanna try this look in the next fancy event we have (Probably Innu's bday) and I'm trying to figure out what are the right clothes for this look. So as for the brands that I'll be looking at the list is:
Lip Service
Cecil McBEE

And since at that time Rady was a roomwear brand I don;t think I could find something there so I'll stick with those and hopefully will find old pieces like I want. Also I thought about maybe look at old Yumetenbo stuff.

The shapes and colors of the clothes are a lot of monotone black and whites, pink in any shade lol, hade purple and violet and maybe some red. Satin, Lace and Chiffon for fabrics of course.
The main things i'm currently looking for are mini dresses with a matching scarf and mini tunic dresses with bell sleeves~ Also strappy babydoll dresses~ I feel like they would go best with heels like sandals or something but we'll see cause it's still coldXD mybe in summer w
Oh and of course the most popular patterns in this style would be any kind of pucchi style marble like in the rady setups and vertical border stripes. dots is also cool but idk. Hound tooth might be good. I don't really feel like getting anything floral idk why XD

I'm definatly going to go through Ikemegu's blog also

I mean look at her

 And if you have any idea which other blogs I  should creep on let me know ww

I'll keep you updated with my findings!^^
Have a lovely day everyone!