Back to Tokyo!

Good Morning ~~

I'm now at my parents' and it's time to blog:D
Sunny days makes me more productive.

Today I wanna blog about our first day of the third and last week in Japan, that we spent in Tokyo.
I can't believe it but I might actually finish blogging about my Japan trip!XD That's a first!
I always come back from traveling and think I'll post about every thing and every day and I end up blogging like 1~2 parts and that's it.

So anyway, That day we woke up for the last time in our beloved Osaka apartment

It wasn't raining which is always a good thing when you travel with all your luggage
We took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo around 12 pm

We bought a lot of snacks for the road and looked at some photos that Hatuli took during those 2 weeks and the trip was nice and comfortable~

When we got to Tokyo we took the train to Omotesando where our last apartment was
We didn't even realize what a perfect location we chose!!
It took us a little while to find it cause it was behind there somewhere but we finally got in and it was actually behind the Chanel store in Omotesando, PERFECT location:O

We rest for a little and then we went out to grab a bite. Of course we had to go to Shibuya cause I missed my homeXD

No makeup cause it was freezing and I was tired:P

We lived close to Kiddy Land so I we looked at the Rilakkuma store and I found my twin

I wish he wasn't so expansive!!

Kiiroitori is my spirit animal

We also took a look at Kinji to see what's new and I found some treasuresXD

When we got to Shibuya we went to eat at Genki sushi and then took purikura at the purikura mecca, It's like probably the oldest purikura place in Shibuya it's there since 1995

waiting for the puri to come out~

Then we also went to DonDon Down cause what I like about those second hand stores is that every other day you come and there are new amazing stuff to findXD
This is what I got that day~

From Kinji:

Roxy coat!!! That I'm inlove with it literally goes with every single outfit

Denim bucket hat! it looks like Ayumi Hamasaki's hat in the Tu-Ka add!

CHEER bag with lots of decorations

From DonDon Down:

Candy Stripper tshirt

This is probably the most amazing get! Old One Way jacket with the old logo!!T_T


I can't explain how excited I am that I found it!! I was shocked when I saw the logo
It's like.. Probably 20 years old

Also I bet the girl that brought it to DonDon also brought this jacket and I'm glad I found itXD

Then we went home I think cause we were already really tired~ It's nice to live so close to Shibuya, The first week was pretty hard transportation-wise, It was only one train to Shibuya but Yoga station was a little far from our apartment and also if we wanted to go anywhere we had to take the train to Shibuya and then from there to go to anywhere else.

I can't remember what we did the next day, I'll look in my phone and I'll make another Tokyo post soon^^

Even though it's weekend I feel like I'm not resting like I want to..:X I have to day every time I sleep at my parents' there is always someplace we need to go or something I have to do or someone is calling me and I just feel like I can't get one moment for myself it's really frustrating
I love coming here but god I wish it wasn't so stressful, Let me relax for one day a week, How am I supposed to start another week of non stop working and running around and no sleep if even on my weekend I feel so stressed?
Sorry for that I just really need to get it out lol

and see u in my next post~




Shekel store shopping!


It's a late morning and the sun is shining~ I'm so happy!
After this horrible rainy days that we had last week and this week I feel so grateful for this weather, It really does affect my mood!

So yesterday was my day off!
Since I wasn't too careful at work I lost 2 nailsXD So Emi was kind enough to fix them for me. We decided that we'll go to  shekel shopping spree after the nails are fixed!
So this was my makeup yesterday~ Nothing too special, I really need new lenses though:X

I was wearing my new 2002 necklace from Adika

My friend saw it and sent me a pic immediately and Noy, Emi & I got it lol

Of course she had to photobomb my selfies

Donkey face

Pastel Amekaji!
If the Shekel store was a real person...

So Emi is always talking about the shekel stores in her city, And I really wanted to check them out!
Shekel store is like a $ store but cheperXD

Shekel City

We went crazy over the Pooh san stickers

It says 'Star of the week'

We bought A LOT
I really have to stop myself in that kind of shopping cause I can lose it lol
I see potential in so many things and Emi is exactly like that so that combo is very dangerous lol

Then after all the stores were closed we went to eat our junk dinner

we were sitting there for like 2 hours lol

Then we went to take purikura but after one photo the machine was stuckT_T It's really old so it takes time between photos
So meanwhile we sat close to it and took out all our gets

All together

The puri that we did first lol

Shekel stores is my idea of heaven

This is what I got!

Denim backpack
Blue monkey ukki
Pink pencil..cup?
Red flower hair accessory
759498 Pooh kun stickers
Naked bead phone strap
Israel kun pin
Some key chains
Beaded accessories
colorful bracelets
Amekaji style necklace

Then we went to check the machine and it worked but before we collected all our stuff some other people got in and it was stuck again!!!!

Anyway, We waited some more and took outfit pics outside

Onepiece...Baby Shoop
Hat...DonDon Down
Accessories...Off brand

Twinz as always


Emi got us matching butterfly Tweety phone straps at from those things you put money and twist and some stuff falls down it's hole I really have no idea how those things calledXD

Chuu Nails~~~~

Ke-tai check!

Then we heard the puri machine restarting

Running to make sure it was it


Yessssssssssssss the puri machine is workingggggggggg

Then we took some more purikura of course and then it was already really late and I had to take my bus but of course we took some more picsXD

And then we really had to goXD
So we went to Emichi's house and I took the stuff I left there but I FORGOT THE BAG WITH ALL MY GETS!!!
But that's ok cause she'll bring it to me next time we meet~

Now I think I'm gonna decorate my new purikura album~ I got a new one for 2002 but still didn't have an idea for how to deco the cover. I think I have one now!

So I wish you all a great day and hopefully this weather stays like this and the rain is over for good (Probably not buy I can dream)