Before going to sleep
I have an announcement 

Tomorrow EMI & I are gonna post our B/Vlog collaboration! 久々CharismaSisters Project(°∀°)♡

Gonna post it around noon/afternoon probably so stay tuned!

Also wanted to post today's spokaji co*de


I really like those shorts I bought on our sale the fabric is so soft!!!

Earrings are off brand and colorful beach necklace is from TOPTEN🌈

Matching my breakfast to my outfit

www jk

Today I finally went to the hisalo!!!!!!!!!
Did only 10 minutes cause it's been so long

Now I'm gonna go to sleep and tomorrow after work I'm meeting Innu & Noy♡



Inspired by Rumiringo🍎

Dress...Cecil McBEE



It's EMI!

Charisma Sisters reunited ✌🏼




Today I hada spontaneous date with Hatul!
We met after work and went to drink matcha boba at the park!

We went to T-Lab again💚

Lately Hatul is using my white serebu sunglasses 
What do u think?(°∀°)

We went to the gindi park
It's really cool and urban style~

The street down the stairs~
The park is located between the gindi buildings

Just chilling

Then we took a scooter home and before going back we did some grocery shopping for today's dinner

Watched CSI and ate dinner and now Hatul went to play drums and I'm going to sleep cause work tomorrow;;

It was a really fun day!💗 I'm happy Hatul didn't have to work in the end!

Good night♡ また明日🐥


Today's messy hair and boring co*de

笑 sorry

Top...Baby Shoop


Here is a co*de from last week that is much cuter
Pants...central station 
Shoes...お土産 from Brazil 
Accessories...TOPTEN, $ store,Love♡Chu

Beachy necklaces🌊

I hate that I have so many clothes but I still feel like I have nothing to wear

Why is it always like this
I really want more maxi dresses and tunics and shorts (-_-;)

Anyway I'm getting off the bus なう so see u later!


yo ☆ 

I'm still alive 

I was just very busy and very tired this whole weekend w
Today I got a lot of rest so I'm feeling like I can start my week

Starting it awfully early tho(-_-;) as I'm omw to work on Saturday night which I never do but my manager asked me to do it and I couldn't say no cause he gave me another Friday off to go to the pride parade (that was yesterday)

Anyway, it's only 1 week till my bday and I'm still not 100% sure how I'm celebrating w
At least I got the dress I wanted (・∀・)

Anyway I'm gonna continue reading Ikemegu's blogなう





I'm home after today's shift
Talked to Mayu on the phone on the way back but now I have to do some stuff around the house and go to sleep early cause tomorrow the big sale starts and I'm working from 7:00~19:00

とにかくtoday's co*de

Bag...off brand 


Fruity earrings from Paris Kids

Ponpon shushu from SweetHeart Yun!

Today was so hot
I can't believe it's almost July and I went to the beach only once???????
In 99' I went once a week what happened to me(;´д`)

Anyway I have to go!! W
See u tomorrow 

ぴよこ( ・∋・)


Outfit & skin care(。-ω-)

Today's Georgiekaji finally
Strapless top...off brand
Tank top...Forever21 men
Shoes...Atta Girl
Watch...ThankYou mart

Rokku touch💀

Yesterday on the way back from work I went to the drug store to buy stuff for home and I also got some new skin care(*・ω・) ofc it's ぴよの好きなNIVEA♡

Tried the serum this morning and I loved it, it smells good and it wasn't heavy~~ I'll have a better opinion in the end of the day though w

And ofc after I use it for a while!

Today I need to do some grocery shopping and 145785588 house chores (;´д`) but that's life

I really hope I'll have time to buy coffee before workkkkk

とにかくhave a great day cuties ♡





I start today at 6:30 so no time to dress up againサゲ⤵️(;_;)
But here is an outfit from last week that I didn't post~~


Boxers...Yummy mart
Accessories...off brand 


This week we're preparing for the big summer SALE and it's very stressful and exhausting, but I'm trying my best to be wise about my time and rest as much in between (going to sleep at 22:30 every day(-_-;))

This morning's highlight: I put a kiiroitori charm on my phone 

It's pretty heavy so I'll probably notice if it falls (RIP my tiny Ayu charm💔)

Of and btw! I found a dress for my bday
Bought it and hoping it won't get cancelled w

Well, have a great day today and see u later!



New week start☆


Let's start this week in good energies!(o・ω・o)

For starters, I wasn't late for work this morning w
But I didn't really dress up

I'm trying to find the perfect dress for my bday
I want something super princessy in pink/white 
There are 2 options rn I'm trying to choose from( >д<)、;'.・  but I gotta do it today if I want it to be here in time!

Anyway, have a super lovely week! Sending u lots of good energy!!(ノ゜3゜)ノ♡♡♡♡♡♡


Today's meet☆

Today's meet was fun!
I was a little late cause the bus( >д<)、;'.・ was so late
But then I met Innu & Noy at the bus station at Dizisen and we went to drink matcha at T Lab 

Filming them coming from Dizisen w

 Innu took photos of me filming her

At T Lab I took the matcha parfait (matcha maple) and it was PERFECT 

I don't know which one I like more the boba or the parfait but T Lab has the best matcha in tlv


Then we went to the thrift market that happens every Friday on HaHashmonaim street (behind T Lab)

Some cute stuff I saw there 

I bought those ones cause they r so cute

Israeli vintage 

It was really hot at some point but it was fun! I've never been to this market cause I always work on Fridays so it was a nice surprise! (We went to drink matcha and we didn't even remember this was going on at the same place)

I'm now at my parents for the weekend, we had BBQ for dinner and I ate some veggie burger & veggie kebabs w

Gonna go to sleep now so see u tomorrow!♡