Nakano treasure searching

Good Morning~

Today we leave Osaka:(( I'm so sad!T_T
I miss Tokyo and I miss Shibuya but I really do love Osaka so so much. This has been a wonderful fun week with all kinds of experiences and with no doubt the next time I'm in Japan I want to be here again for a longer period!
Hatuli really really loved Osaka too and he prefers it over Tokyo which I understand, It's more his character and kind of activities and people here.
We have to leave at 10 but I packed last night and did the dished the moment I woke up lol so now I'm just having my morning coffee and blogging and talking to Mayu XD

In today's post I'm going back to one of our days in Tokyo last week.
It was one of our first days and we were still exhausted from all the traveling and everything, So we took the morning to sleep late.

It was raining as well so we felt no rush to leave early lol I hate rain
Then we got up and got ready and went to Nakano~

I did a simple make with no lashes or lenses cause I wanted to get ready quickly~
Werinf Hatuli's pullover and a PiyoKoPiyoKo hat

On the train

When we got to Nakano we where walking through the shops and in Nakano Broadway which like a heaven for me with all the 90s toys and merch

One of the first things I saw there was this sign!
I was like.. RAN CHAN???? all over the placeXD

And I swore I'm going to find at least one GALS item that day!XD Even if it takes forever

Some wtf stuff in Nakano Broadway

This is very cute though

Who are they

I don't know them

Me going through endless amount of stuff to find treasures. It's my favorite thingXD Hatuli hated me

Ok so in that shop I had a strong feeling I'm gonna find stuff so I took about 20 minutes only there lolol and it was tiny

But I found this!! 109 brand stickers from Ranzuki! I believe it's from 2004~2005?

And just when I was about to give up....
There she was!!! My Ran Pyon!<33333 So happyT_T

We had cool strawberry icecream while hanging there

And for lunch we went to eat ramen

And of course, a dessertXD

Back in Shibuya, The rain didn't stop and we didn't have umbrellas cause it was so annoying to hang around with them in Nakano

I did go check on paisen to see if he's ok

Then we ended the day in TSUTAYA Starbucks and I had my fave~ Matcha tea latte and Hatuli just fell asleep all the time so we went home right afterXD

Here are some stuff I got in Nakano!

This jacket for 390 yen! I got a black one too and I regret not taking the red one as well lol

Adorable snowminnie and snowmickey!

Winter Daisy<3

And of course the Ranzuki stickers and the Ran chan button pin:D
I remember I got something else but I don't know what lol
There are some stuff there that I regret not buying but maybe we'll go there again next week^^

So now I'm gonna get ready, we check out at 10 as I said and then we go to Shin-Osaka to catch the Shinkansen. I hope we'll find our Tokyo apartment quickly. And I'm sure it's gonna be tiny and it will never be as great as this apartment which like I said a few posts ago IS PERFECT and I love it so much and I really can't wait to stay here again

We plan to go to Shibuya in the afternoon, It seems like it's cols but sunny, The weather was perfect here in Osaka so I'm really hoping next week will have nice weather as well.

So have a lovely day everyone! See you!




Amerikamura Day!

Good Morning~

I wanted to make a post last night after we came home but I wan so tired that I fell asleep with my makeup on and had to force myself to get up and take it offT_T

In today's post I'll tell you about our a great place in Osaka called Amerikamura!
It like one of the shopping centers in Osaka but it's not a mall it it's mostly second hand shops! Kinda like Shimokitazawa^^
I don't know it we'll have time to go there again, But I really hope that we will;O; It's so cute and vintage and with a name like Amerikamura it's only natural that I'll like that placeXD

Wearing Amekaji to Amerikamura :P

I like wearing amekaji in winter so much better cause of the wool hats XDD
Tsu-chan inspired look!

The moment we got there, I wanted to take an outfit pic and I looked behind Hatuli and I saw something that made me do this:

This was the thingXD

We were just talking about how Osaka has some resemblance to Tel Aviv (Amerikamura sure reminds me of Tel Aviv) and this was there and it was so funnyXD
Az Sabba.

We ate breakfast: freshly baked melon pan filled with good stuff *0* 

Mine was whipped cream, And had a little sweet toast on top T_T <3

So yummy

So the shop that I was drawn into was this one:

I really likes the logo and it looked so groovy I had to go in

And it was the cutest shop!! Everything so colorful, all 60's and 70's stuff!
The lady that owned the shop was the nicest person we met all trip, She started talking to me and she knew I was gyaru and was shocked that there are gals in Israel XD She wanted to see pics so I showed her and we talked about so many things lol 
I mean she mostly talked cause I can understand Japanese pretty good but I don't talk so good.. so yeahXD But she understood me anyway lolol

She was so cute! We were there for so long lol
And eventually I got the blouse I'm wearing in the photos, Blue silky perfection. I can't wait to wear it with my velvet blazer from Liverpool T0T

She also recommended us on an omuraisu place and we went there, It was a traditional style restaurant!

I really like it^^ And it was so nice and quite

My mushroom omuraisu~

Was super yummy!

Full after lunchXD

Then we went to look around a little more and we found a Spinns shop, And usually Spinns has really good second hand stuff

YMCA Hatuli

I got this pullover for 1800 yen! That's so cheap for this kind of thing! That's cause it was kids size lol but the biggest so it was my size XD
I love the color so much and I love Tweety and I love Space Jam!

Also we found a Book Off and found the official book of the Backstreet Boys for 200 and something yen so we HAD to get it

Hatuli also took us to this place that sells fuwafuwa cheese cakes and we got one and went home to eat it XD

I want.

And that night Hatuli made us dinner^^ I really love this apartmentT_T I'll be so sad to leave:(

Other things that I got were from El Rodeo and Rote Rosa!

Monkey shoulder bag!

And cute wooden ring

Also got those cute socks on sale XD

Now I'm gonna get ready, We're going to Shinsaibashi for some shopping and I'm hoping to find something cool at Bless! I don't know what I want even.. Another ring?:O We'll see lol

Have a lovely day everyone!