It's the last day of March!
This month had been so weird. I can't believe we're in quarantine for so long:O
Still trying to make the best of it though, A lot of blog content and a lot of spending time with Hatuli<3
I do miss my family and friends but I also know it's very important that we stay strong this time in order to make this situation better.

Today I woke up not too late but also a little later then I wished~ I did some laundry and then I watched Shin & Chris makeup live on IG^^ After that we talked a little bit in the discord voice chat:D

Hatul my teenage son

Yellow laundry day!

Earlier I went to the grocery store and finally!!!!! was managed to buy some eggs!! They limit the sale to one egg package per a person though:O
Hatuli made me Kichri~ We asked my mom for the recipe
It's a traditional food in my Iraqi family:D Rice with orange lentils cooked with tomato sauce and onion, With Cumin (so Iraqi), Garlic & Butter
The best way to serve it or at least my favorite is with egg on top! So this couldn't be perfect if I hadn't find those eggsXD


Last night I watched Innu & Noy doing their makeup live on IG and after that we had a video chat:D
They're all fancy and I'm like

Talking to Kve while I bring food

Also today I was super happy to see a gal using my makeup tutorial I posted a few days ago!
Regina kindly permitted me to post her pics here on my blog^^ Look how cute she looks!

Also the outfit, The pose, Everything!! This look is super super cute on her!<3

Thank you so much! This is so nice to see the results of my makeup tutorialT_T <3
If you wanna try it too I'll be happy to see and share your pics as well!!

So tomorrow I'm gonna make a makeup live with Mayu on Instagram at 15:00 Israel time~~ We're planning to do 2011 gyaru make! 
I can't decide which gal I should chose as an inspo for this look:O Any suggestions?

Well, See you tomorrow!




Spring 1999 Trendy Coordinates✿

Hi Hi~!✿✿✿

Second post for today, But this is a special one^^
As I asked on my IG story what posts do you guys wanna see in my blog, A few people requested that I'll do a spring outfits post!
 So I made 10 outfits for spring using some of the hottest 1999 trends!
For every look I listed the 99' trends that I used, And I tried to go for different style as I want every gal to find an outfit she would wear- If it's more colorful or more mature, Sporty, cute or sexy^^

Be The Trendiest Gal in 1999~!

So for the first look I went for something very simple, More elegant but with a wild touch of the velour animal print skirt. Of course, Atsuzokos are a MUST. For every gal in 99', An outfit won't be complete without the huge platforms.
Boots...La Carte
Necklaces...Love Boat, off brand
Bracelets...TOPTEN, off brand
Shoulder bag...ALBA ROSA

Trend Check 1999
No-sleeve knit
Knee length skirts
Silver accessories

This outfit is more casual and comfortable~ Super light cotton blouse, Tied to give it a fun look.
For this look atsuzoko sandals seems like the more casual choice, Though it can be worn with boots as well.
One of the biggest bag trend for this year is designer backpacks, Or just fashionable medium size backpacks~ Give every look a tropical touch with flower chains!

Blouse...bought in London
Sandals...Charles & Keith
Flowers...100en shop
Necklaces...Love Boat, TOPTEN
Bracelets...TOPTEN, off brand

Trend Check 1999
Floral pattern
Tropical flower chain
Fashion backpack
Mid rise pants

More elegant and mature look, Inspired by our queen, Namie Amuro. This is usually called 'Amura' '.
Fake leather is going strong this year, And of course, Maybe one of the biggest trends for 99' gals- No sleeve knits. Extra points if they have a high or turtle neck. Those kind of knits are perfect for spring when it's not too hot and not too cold~
Add this look a designer bag or sunglasses and BOOM, Your'e a celebu

Skirt...Thrift shop
Bag...Fake LV
Boots...Espe x OK
Necklaces...Love Boat, ALBA ROSA
Bracelets...$ store

Trend Check 1999
No-Sleeve knit
Fake leather
(fake) designer bag

Still going for the more mature looks, but less elegant~ Western style started getting more and more n trend this year and I love it.
Half sleeve button down shirt with mid rise denim skirt, Be sure to keep your shirt open right down your braXD And give your look some western elements like a belt, A cowboy's tie necklace or even a ten gallon hat. This could look very cute with a cow skin pattern bag or jacket.

Blouse...Second hand from Hatuli's mom
Shoes...Atta Girl
Belt...stolen from my dadXD
Necklaces...Love Boat, TOPTEN
Bracelet...Second Hand

Trend Check 1999
Half length sleeves
Retro western style
Mid rise skirt

Now for the younger more colorful looks!
Colorful plaid patterns only comes second in the trendiest patterns list cause we have tropical patterns, But this one was a major trend in winter and continued to spring. Vivid colors like Orange, Yellow & Red are going to make you stand out and if you combine them- even better!
Another MUST item for gals in 99' is a shopper by their favorite brand(s). An Alba Rosa one is like.. The basic. But also Cocolulu, Love Boat, Egoist and of course, The well known tropical shopper of me Jane.

Hoodie...One Way (second hand from DonDon Down)
Boots...La Carte
ALBA ROSA shopper
Phone pocchi...a souvenir from the Ukraine
Teddy Bear key chain...$ store
Bracelets...$ store

Trend Check 1999
Colorful plaid
Vivid colors
Phone neck straps
Brand shoppers

Another color trend of this year is Sky Blue. it looks great with your tan, And goes very well with many other colors like pink, Orange, Yellow and Tan color.
Don't be afraid to use basic tshirts and tank tops. You don't have to have a pattern all over you, It's enough to have a tropical or plaid skirt with a plain color top. Many of the outfits you see in Shibuya's street this year are combining very simple clothes with one EXTRA item like this skirt.

Shirt...second hand from a friend
Skirt...me Jane
Boots...Question Mark
Necklaces...$ store, ALBA ROSA
Poshetto...Shuk Bezalel
Baby Natsu phone strap...Donqi
Bracelets...Hand made

Trend Check 1999
Tropical patterns
Light blue
Wooden accessories
Colorful beads
Tropical flower chains

If you like colors and looking cute but still wanna look a little sexy, This outfit is for you.
Unbuttoned tops are a thing, And you can wear them with a bikini top or a bra top underneath.
Another fabric that you see a lot in winter and spring of 99' is fleece; mostly skirt but also tops, coats and bags. of course I have to mention again the vivid color combo of lime green and Neon pink, both very trendy.

Bikini top...TNT
Cardigan...Shuk Bezalel
Bag...Lee Cooper
Boots...Question Mark
Necklaces...Love Boat, TOPTEN Kids
Flowers...100en shop
Bangles...$ store
Hair clip...Superpharm

Trend Check 1999
Vivid colors
Unbuttoned top
Colorful beads
Fleece items

Another way of wearing an unbuttoned top. Again using colorful plaid, You don;t always have to combine vivid colors. If you're not the color blast type, You can always complete the look with White, Black or denim.
And another super important point- crochet\straw bags are a MUST.

Bra top...Got from a friend
Skirt...off brand
Denim jacket...me Jane
Boots...Question Mark
.Bag...Allenby st.
Bracelet...a present from Japan, $ store, Aloha Lovers
Necklace...bought from Mercari

Trend Check 1999
Crochet bag
Colorful plaid
Unbutton top
Vivid Colors

Now for the most casual outfit in this post~
You wake up and you don't feel like thinking too much\You forgot to shave your legs\Your fake tan is patchy! Don't worry, You don't have to show legs to be a gal. Many gals feels like a mini skirt is a must, But the truth is, Pants can look very gyaru! Every year had it's pants trend and for the year of 1999 flare pants are the thing. Bell Bottoms, Or 'Berubo' for short, Are a good casual choice for lazy days. Many many gals are wearing only those pants and a tank top, Even a super plain one, Cause the magic is in the accessories~ Use some other 99' style itms like ten gallon hat, A cool belt or bag, And don't forget your atsuzokos!

Tank top...ALBA ROSA
Sandals...Charles & Keith
Backpack...TOPTEN Kids
Ten gallon hat...$ store
Necklaces...Love Boat, ALBA ROSA
Hibiscus hair accessory...Aliexpress

Trend Check 1999
Alba tank top
Bell bottoms
Ten gallon hats
Fashion backpacks

Last outfit is for the sporty gals out there. I feel like this is the "youngest" outfit I did in this post.
So as a continuity of the no sleeves trend, Fluffy of puffy vests are also very common. If in winter days you wore them on top of a long sleeved top, In spring you can wear them with a short sleeved top or even just as they are!
Tropical pattern shorts- We don't even have to talk about that, And to complete the sporty look- Atsuzoko sneakers! Also, Don't be afraid to use your loose socks with different looks and not just with a seifuku, They always look cute!

ALBA ROSA shopper
Loose socks...Donqi
Phone neck strap...off brand
Bracelet...$ store
Watch...ThankYou Mart
Hibiscus phone strap...HardOff in Tokyo

Trend Check 1999
Furry vest
Tropical pattern
Phone neck straps
Brands shopper

So, That's it for today's post!
I hope you gals liked the outfits I put together and also that you learned a little bit about 1999 trends^^
I'll be happy to know which outfit or trend you liked the best, And of course to see YOUR 99 inspired looks!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!