Thursday, March 3, 2016

IsraGals meeting & Spreeicky boots review!

Hey there~

Long time no see.
There are many reasons for that and the first one happened last week when I started school again so I didn't have much time. The next thing that happened is my laptop screen breaking and the one more thing that happened, the same week, was that my phone was stolen.
I cannot explain to you how depressing that week was. It was one of the worst I ever had, for sure.
Now I have my mini laptop until I'll get my big laptop back from DELL, I have iPhone 5c which is good and bad; The good thing is that I didn't have to pay for it, I got in from my cousin, The bad thing is that I'm really not used to it and also it's camera is just not as good as the LG G3 camera I used to have. I loved my phone so so much:( I wish I could get LG again one day, Right now I really don't have money for it.
Well, I'm just gonna have to deal with it.

So since my last post some stuff happened, Also good stuff not just crappy events like I mentioned before><
Few weeks ago there was mini meeting in Tel Aviv, Of the IsraGals group^^
Also before the meeting I had brunch with Naama<3

This was my make that day:

Dress...Cecil McBee
Cardigan...Luxe Rose
Sandals...My sister's

We went to a really cute place that I forgot the name of, unfortunately lol
But I had a sandwich in a butter biscuit!

We also had a delicious dessert:D
Then I went to Azrieli to met Mayu and Noy, And I changed to my meeting outfit [I knew it will be too hot to walk around all day in the same dress lol]:

Dress...Liz Lisa
Bag...Liz Lisa
Socks...tutu anna

With Mayu & Noy!

Then we went to the place of the meeting that was Oban Koban, To eat dinner together. Many girls couldn't come to the meeting so we ended up being only 4 girls lol
Noga chan joined us at Oban Koban^^

It was actually really fun and after dinned we went back to Azrieli and looks at some clothes as always lol

Then we had to go and I took a bus back to my parents house~
I hope next meeting will be more crowded, But it was really fun anyway:D

Also I wanted to finally review my new shoes from Spreepicky^^
I won them on an IG giveaway!
This is a pic from the web store:
And a picture that I took:

As you an see it's exactly the same item~ same color and details, So you can know exactly what you ordered~
It came in 2 separate fabric bags, Inside one big Spreepicky plastic bag, INSIDE a bubble warp package! They really made sure the shoes will not be scratched or something like that, So they came really sparkling:D
The little details are really cute too~ Some of the little heart shaped holes were not entirely pierced out, But it was easy to take it out^^

I walked with them half a day and they were really comfortable! The heel is high but the platform on the front make it comfortable enough:D

Finally, I'm really happy with them and with Spreepicky!
They delivered the prize very quickly and the item is gorgeous in a very good quality! I'm sure gonna order some stuff from that store when I get money again [I''m broke now lol] cause I've already seen too many stuff there that I wantXDD
Thank you so much Spreepicky!<333

So now I'm gonna go a rest for a while, I'm at my parents house cause I went to the dentist today and my mom is in London, So just my dad and brother are here~
Today was cold and rainy, I hope tomorrow will be a little brighter~~~~
Have a lovely evening everyone!