Friday, February 17, 2017

Alliexpress Amekaji Gets!

How are you today?
I'm so happy that it's weekend! I'm at my parents house after a very long time I haven't come to visit cause I didn't have timeT_T
Yesterday I had a mall date with Mayu and I will make a post later today maybe^^
In this post I wanted to share some gets and also 2 outfits:D I'm not so sure I haven't done a blogpost about them already but I can't really remember:O

So those are some of the stuff that I got from Alliexpress on the 11/11 sales!

I got:

Pastel plaid shirt
Fluffy pink cap
Blue hiphop pants
Black star necklace

If anyone is interested in the links please tell me and I will send you^^

This is the cap:D

It's really cute and the only problem it has is that it's a little too small and there is no way to change the size:O I'm gonna find a way to do it thoughXD

Also I got this cute monster hat!:D

And here are two outfits that I was wearing while at my parents house:

Shirt...from Korea
Hoodie...Yaffo st. Jerusalem
Tights...Central station TLV
Bag...ZOYA brand



Cardigan...Heaven and Earth
Hat...Gilfy X Tsubasa Masuwaka

And bad lighting pic of my make that day~

Today is a little more sunny then the rest of the week... It was raining all the timeT_T But it's still really cold.
I'm so happy we're almost in the end of the month cause March is usually more sunny and nice^^ 
Also... Almost one month to go!!! I'm so very excitedT_T

So I think I'm gonna do another post today, see you soon!



Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nachalat Binyamin with Ann~ WC code!

How are you today?
Another week started and it's colder then last week:( BUT! I'm working only 5 times this week instead of 8!XD
I'm not sure how I really feel about it since I really want to earn more money for the trip but last week was so mentally and physically hard for me that I had to take a week "off". So it's not really off but I'm working almost half then I'm used to.

Well, In today's post I wanted to tell you about my date with Ann few weeks ago^^
We went to Nachalat Binyamin to buy some fabrics and eat lunch^^

My make:

And code:

Point! [New Mickey earrings from eBay:D] 

better pic~ brand
Shorts...Buzz Spunky

Ann looking for buttons:D

We ate at Loveat<3


Some random pics from Nachalat Binyamin~

He was inside the shopXD

I bought so many beautiful fabrics but it's gonna take me so long until I'll actually get to use them:(

So today I only work in the evening [in an 1.5 hours;-;] and tomorrow I work my 2 jobs.. I'm kinda sad that this day is over I like it when I have a day off and I can sleep late and just stay indoors for once in a while lol.
So I'm gonna finish this post here and maybe watch another episode of friends before I go to work lol
Omg btw Girls is starting today I'm so excitedT_T AdamT_________T I've missed youT_________T

lol ok now I'm really going~~





Sunday, February 5, 2017

Long time no see!! [Outfit post~]


Long time since my last post!!! Almost a month:O
I'm really busy all the time with my 8 shifts a week and it's so cold and I hate it:(( I almost never do gyaru makeup to work anymore cause I sleep 5 hours every night and I so tired in the morning that I prefer to have this half an hour of sleep then doing my makeup... Also it's really hard to get out of bed when it's SO COLD
omg really.
Today was a little better, felt almost like spring until afternoon when it got cold again:( But I'm really happy to have those few hours of sunshine!

So what's else is new?
Only 1.5 months till I go to Tokyo and I still work a lot like I said so I don;t have much time to see friends and family BUT there are the Senkura meetings every months so it's nice to have at least that^^ This month is Kigurumi meet up! It's this week on Thursday!:D

Sooooo I wanted to share some of my atest outfits and gets!^^ That's probably the only thing in my life right nowXD

Cardigan...Allenby st.
Boots...ZARA brand brand


Knit...Second hand
Scarf...From Paris


Jacket...Central station TLV
Pants...FOX brand


Sweatshirt...Paul Smith

And those are some new things I got:D

I bought those Zara rock boots and I LOVE THEM
I was looking for engineer boots, Actually I'm looking for engineer boots forever and ever and I never find ones that I like... So I found those that looks KINDA like what I wanted but they are more rokku then what I was looking for, anyway I really like them^^

Also I got 2 new rings and I've already lost the thin one but I really likes them both
I love silver ringsT_T 

I really want to but Justin Davis jewelry when I'm in Tokyo but I guess it's not gonna happened XDD lol
Maybe one thing. We'll see:P

So I promise to try and blog more. I know that those posts are not that interesting so I'll be happy to know what you would like to see more in my blog^^ 

Good Night!