Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nachalat Binyamin with Ann~ WC code!

How are you today?
Another week started and it's colder then last week:( BUT! I'm working only 5 times this week instead of 8!XD
I'm not sure how I really feel about it since I really want to earn more money for the trip but last week was so mentally and physically hard for me that I had to take a week "off". So it's not really off but I'm working almost half then I'm used to.

Well, In today's post I wanted to tell you about my date with Ann few weeks ago^^
We went to Nachalat Binyamin to buy some fabrics and eat lunch^^

My make:

And code:

Point! [New Mickey earrings from eBay:D] 

better pic~ brand
Shorts...Buzz Spunky

Ann looking for buttons:D

We ate at Loveat<3


Some random pics from Nachalat Binyamin~

He was inside the shopXD

I bought so many beautiful fabrics but it's gonna take me so long until I'll actually get to use them:(

So today I only work in the evening [in an 1.5 hours;-;] and tomorrow I work my 2 jobs.. I'm kinda sad that this day is over I like it when I have a day off and I can sleep late and just stay indoors for once in a while lol.
So I'm gonna finish this post here and maybe watch another episode of friends before I go to work lol
Omg btw Girls is starting today I'm so excitedT_T AdamT_________T I've missed youT_________T

lol ok now I'm really going~~





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