Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Good morning!

Today there is a big event~!
[FB Event here]

Harajuku fashion walk Israel and Harajukufest event!^^
I'm so excited!:DD
Unfortunately I won't take part at the walk cause I'm on the fashion show that will be at the event and it's so hot outsideT_T Last year I did both and my hair was so flat after the walk:((
I'm now getting ready and already finished my makeup so I'm on a break~

I basically did my hair yesterday [curled it and did the bangs too] but I need to fix it today again~
I wanted lots of volume so I'll have to take all the stuff with me to fix again before the show:O

I also did new nails for the event!:D

I'm doing Amekaji Gyaru at the fashion show so I did pastel America nails:D
I'm gonna wear my new Holy Gal salopette and it's gonna be too hot after so I'll change to another lighter outfit^^

I'm so nervous!
After the show there will be a QA panel and I hope I'll won't be too embarrassed XD
I will be, But I'll do my bestXD

Also check out my Vine for live videos!:D

So now I'm gonna finish getting ready!
Hope to see you there!<3



Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Birthday Presents~!~!^^

Hi Hi!

I'm now drinking my coffee and blogging before I go to the city for some stuff I need to doT_T
Today I wanna tell about some recent stuff and show you some of my birthday presents^^

So This was my outfit few days ago when I went with work friends to Bezalel to see the senior exhibition^^

Yellow top...Disney
Tank top...Tally Weijl
Skirt...from Korea
Bag...Cher [Mayu's] 


With Tuli next to her work^^ It was so beautiful and elegant I really loved it! And I'm happy for her that she graduated:DD

Curly heads in the wind

And me

good bye~


Then we went to Cafe Kadosh for lunch and everything was sol yummyT_T

And we shared vanilla dessert:D
Was really fun to hang out with them outside of work for a change^^

Also on Friday Hatuli and I went to a restaurant called Chakra for my late birthday dinner:D

Yummy cocktail:D

Also had pasta and dessert but the lighting was so bad I couldn't really take nice pics:O
It was really fun I love going to restaurants with Hatuli:D We feel so fancyXD

And now some of my birthday presents!^^ 

Michell Macaron dress and VS body mist & makeup bag<3

She made me a dress!! I'm so happy it's perfectT_T

Sneep Dip dress & cute kirakira accessories<33

Cute GOLF&Co plate set with butterflies and an adorable teddybear tote<3

Beautiful Accessorize tote bag & Aloha style bracelets cause she knows how much I love Aloha stuffT_T<3

Perfect Kumatan earrings that she made for me!<33 Gonna put them on at the fashion show tomorrow!!*0*


Thank you so much all of you cuties you made me really happy cause each and everyone of you knows me well and gave me a present that you knew that I ill love and will make me happy^^

So now I'm gonna get dressed I have lots of things to do today cause tomorrow is the Harajukufest and I'm super nervousT_T
Who is coming?? I hope to see many people there that I love:DD It's gonna be fun^^

Have a lovely day everyone!