Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rehearsal in Tel Aviv~

Well it's a little late butXDD I woke up a short while ago~

 For some reason I couldn't sleep last night and I was awake in bed while the sun came up and only then I fell asleepT_T It happens to me too much lately.

I'm now at my parents house and soon I need to go and do my make cause I'm going to meet my mom at Azrieli mall^^ But I thought I'd blog first cause I wanted to for a few days and didn't have time\was lazy

Last week we had a rehearsal for the Harajukufest fashion show!
We met in Tel Aviv at Dizingoffcenter where the Harajukufest will be:>

My hair and make~

I used Batiste hair spray for some volume^^

Close up~
Long time no bottom lashes~ Those are random bottom lashes from Aliexpress thoXD

Outfit~ Casual Amekaji

Maxi Dress...FOX
Bag...WC brand\eBay\Bershka


I met Innu first and we bought something cold to drink at Cofix~ I tried the strawberry flavor for the first time^^


Then we went did a quick check out of all the stores on King George street before we had to go to the Center for the rehearsalXD


The fanciest necklace ever

This is just...

At Shuk Bezalel:D

Then we went to the Center and met Michal. Rini & Or,  And then Mayu & Noy joined us and we did the rehearsal:D

In betweenXD




We are all Nana Suzuki

We are all Hatuli.

And some random pics from that day~

Innu loves MizraXDDDD

With Tsu chan's insta

My insta on the big screenXDD

Then it was pretty late until we finished so we had to go home and Innu and me stopped for some coffee and sweets on our way to the bus~


Coffee loves me

I can't wait to the Harajukufest! But I'm also really nervousT_T It's my second time doing that fashion show and still I feel so emberessedXD But it will be fun1^^ Also I'll meet many cute people like last year:>

So now I really have to go but I wanted to show you my new gets!

 I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Scoop outlet at the central station in Tel Aviv for only 50 nis for both!!!
25 nis each pair!!
That's crazy.

I really have to go there again to see if I can find moreXDD

And now I'm going to do my make finallyXD
Have a great day everyone!<3





  1. Love the nails!!
    Good luck with your show (: you look amazing as usual..


  2. Great post! can wait to see you and all the lovely gals at the show~ <3

    1. Thank you cutie!<3
      And I'm really excited I hope it will go wellXDD..

  3. The hatuli face swap omg XDDDDD

  4. Makeup, hair and coord are all on point!! (´u`)b

  5. את כל כך יפה שקד!!
    אני ממש מקווה לבוא להארג'וקופסט ולתמוך בכן מהצד כמו בשנה שעברה
    בטוחה שתעברי את זה כמו שצריך, קטן עלייך ;)
    שיהיה המשך שבוע מקסים

    1. אוח תודהT_T ואני כזה לחוץ פשוט מקווה שבזמן אמת אני לא אהיה סופר לחוצה ואוריד את ראשי במבוכה וכו'XDD
      כי כשעשינו חזרות הייתי כבר לחוצה ממש:((
      אבל לפחות זו גם הזדמנות לראות אנשים שאני אוהב אז זה כבר מרגיע אותי^^