Thursday, October 29, 2015

Israeli Gyaru meeting, Samantha Vega dream bag & Kyabajo inspiration!

Good Morning!

Today I have a noon class so I'm at home^^ I don't have much time left though so I'm gonna do a short post about The Israeli Gyaru Meeting that was already ong time ago and still I haven't blogged about!

Few weeks ago there was the Israeli Gyaru meeting event in Tel Aviv^^
This is a facebook closed group for Israeli gals and gyaru lovers, I am one of the admins.
We had our first group meeting!
 It was on the afternoon and we met at Sarona which is a fancy place that has a lot of resturants and shops^^

My outfit for the meeting^^
I was inspired by Himena's swee-onee coords!

Top...Cecil McBee
Skirt...lip service

Kodomo & Me

And the girls!^^

All of us!♥

After lunch we went for a dessert at Fauchon♥♥♥

I had that chocolate Eclair and of course it was perfect.

With Innu and my cold coffee♥ It was after I changed to more casual clothes cause I went home after that and I didn't want to go back to Jerusalem and it's pervs with my fancy outfitT_T

With Nono chan♥

I had really great time at the meeting! And I was happy to meet Mich and Bunny before the meeting cause they couldn't stay so at least I had some time to spend with them before they left~

Also I forgot to post one of my latest gets~

My first and only Samantha Vega bag♥

It's so perfect and I love itT_T
I wanted a bag in that color for so long, and also I wanted Samantha bag for even longer so... Everything fell right into place!T0T

omg lol

And now for some Kyabajo inspiration cause it's so beautiful;-;

Tomorrow is Mayu's birthday event and then in the evening we're going to halloween party^^

 Also nimikai and slumber party at Nettan'sXD
I'm might do another post today about other stuff cause I don't really have time right nowT_T
Wish you all a great day!<3



Monday, October 19, 2015

Back to school outfit, Rady dress & Gyarusa pics!

Hi Hi!

I was kinda busy the last few days so I didn't really postT_T Also yesterday I started school again and I still don't know how I feel about thatXD On the one hand, It's gonna be a busy year, but on the other hand it's the first year that I have 3 short days and one day that I start late, and only ONE long day from 10~5pm! 
This was my back-to-school outfit~

Tshirt - from a friends, off brand
Skirt - off brand
Shocks - G.U.
Shoes - H&M

Also I dyed my hair and cut my bangs lol

The skirt I was wearing was from a local store in my city and It cost only 34 NIS [9$] which is really cheap!^^ They had it also in blue and red and I'm thinking of buying both colorsXD
That hat is also from a local store and was even cheaper something like 10 NIS [2$] and it's really cute but I forgot it at my parents House:[

Some time ago we went to a lecture at the Japanese embassy about Japanese fashion^^
The lecture was by Miyaji Sayaka which is a fashion designer and a Japanese fashion promoter overseas^^
It was on Friday, and it was so HOT outside*_*
I met with Innu at Azrieli and we took a taxi to the embassy where we met Mayu & Noy, and then Nettan also joined us~

I don't have a proper outfit pic but I wire my new Rady dress~♥

So perfT_T

The lecture was interesting and she talked a bit about Manba and Ganguru as well as the gal culture:D
It wasn't really about that kind of fashion but we were really excited by the reference XDD

With Sayaka san after the lecture

She's really sweet! And she remembered us from the Beauty City Tokyo event last year!^^

After the lecture I really had to go home cause Hatuli's parents were supposed to come and help us pack and move our stuff to the new apartment, but I'm really happy I could at least go to the lecture itself!♥

With Innu before I left~
Onee style♥

I bought some more seifuku stuff:D My dad bought me that sweater vest and I bought the shoes^^
Sweater vest- Castro 
Shoes - Renuar

Also my dad bought me that sukapan cause I needed a basic black bottom~ it is also from Castro

And check this out! 6 months ago at Harucon we had a small photo shoot with Yaniv and we didn't really see the pics until not long ago when he posted them on facebook:D
I really liked the mugshot picsXDDD

Zutto best friends♥

So that's it for today~ I'm going to fold some laundry and wash dishes now, yay XD

Tomorrow is my long day at school and today I'm working:( I wasn't supposed to but somehow I do-_- Hoping not to be dead tomorrow.
I wish you a great week!