Thursday, October 29, 2015

Israeli Gyaru meeting, Samantha Vega dream bag & Kyabajo inspiration!

Good Morning!

Today I have a noon class so I'm at home^^ I don't have much time left though so I'm gonna do a short post about The Israeli Gyaru Meeting that was already ong time ago and still I haven't blogged about!

Few weeks ago there was the Israeli Gyaru meeting event in Tel Aviv^^
This is a facebook closed group for Israeli gals and gyaru lovers, I am one of the admins.
We had our first group meeting!
 It was on the afternoon and we met at Sarona which is a fancy place that has a lot of resturants and shops^^

My outfit for the meeting^^
I was inspired by Himena's swee-onee coords!

Top...Cecil McBee
Skirt...lip service

Kodomo & Me

And the girls!^^

All of us!♥

After lunch we went for a dessert at Fauchon♥♥♥

I had that chocolate Eclair and of course it was perfect.

With Innu and my cold coffee♥ It was after I changed to more casual clothes cause I went home after that and I didn't want to go back to Jerusalem and it's pervs with my fancy outfitT_T

With Nono chan♥

I had really great time at the meeting! And I was happy to meet Mich and Bunny before the meeting cause they couldn't stay so at least I had some time to spend with them before they left~

Also I forgot to post one of my latest gets~

My first and only Samantha Vega bag♥

It's so perfect and I love itT_T
I wanted a bag in that color for so long, and also I wanted Samantha bag for even longer so... Everything fell right into place!T0T

omg lol

And now for some Kyabajo inspiration cause it's so beautiful;-;

Tomorrow is Mayu's birthday event and then in the evening we're going to halloween party^^

 Also nimikai and slumber party at Nettan'sXD
I'm might do another post today about other stuff cause I don't really have time right nowT_T
Wish you all a great day!<3




  1. Where did you get your bag? It's so perfect I love it soooo much!!

    1. Thank you!^^ I bought it second hand I could never afford a new one:(

  2. You look so lovely! I love your first outfit~ <3 And that bag is gorgeous!

  3. You are so perfect! I am in love with your new bag <3 Samantha Vega is amazing ~ Your outfit was super cute btw, as always -.^

    1. I'm far from it but thank you so much!T_T<3
      And yes Samantha bags are gorgeous I wish I could someday get another one~~~
      And again thank you cutie!^^