Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dress code- Harajuku! Meeting with Mayu & Nettan, Gothic rings & Other accessories!

Again I'm gonna make a short post cause I have to go to sleep.
I'm so very busy these daysT_T I hate it. But at least soon everything will get better when my phone will be fixed and my apartment be ready. *sigh*
So many things happened lately and all of them were so mendokuai.

I'll post about my meeting with Nettan & Mayuminnie in Tel Aviv and also some new stuff~ I wanted to make a post about Halloween but of course I didn't have time and I didn't do so many other posts about stuff that happened before that, (OCD).

So few weeks ago I met with Nettan & Mayu in Tel Aviv for lunch and coffee and shopping and the usual stuffXD
The dress code that day was Harajuku styleXD

My make & My Choker from Panda Shop^^

I love it so muchT_T it's so magical yet it has a dark styleXD 
Thank you so much Noy chan<3
Btw you can see more chokers and other cute accesories from Panda Shop hare-

Also on Facebook~ 

Top...Allenby st.
Hoodie...Emily The Strange
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Choker...Panda Shop
Devil Horns...Freak Show

I bought those cute devil horns hair clips in a shop in Dizingoff Center called 'Freak Show' that has many cute alternative accessories and also lenses and hair colors^^

Also that day on my way I saw this cute Glitter kit and had to buy itXD
I'll make a review about it in the next posts!

I love the pink oneT_

Also, Nettan & I were ring buddies XD

We bought those wings from an Aliexpress store called 'Beier'~ You can see in that link-

I loooooooooove those omg. I really recommend this store!
The rings are very beautiful and also in a good quality. I was looking for Rokku style rings for a really long time until I finally got to that store~ I ordered 2 rings to try them and I'm very satisfied so gonna buy more:D
They also have necklaces and bracelets, I love that Gothic style jewelery<333 

So back to the meeting!
In Dizingoff Center~~~


Chibi PiyoMinnie:D

I love u<3

In the evening we were sitting in a coffee house and then Mayu had to goT_T
I stayed until my last bus lol and Nettan & I were talking about cats like crazy and people that set next to us thought we lost it [we never had it].

And for some new stuff~!

I got a late birthday present from Nofar! This beautiful bracelet, I love it so much!T_T

And also it's not so new but I got that cute mokomoko cardigan from my classmate Rachel, I like it so much omgT_T

And well I have many school coords by now but I so tired and it's so lateT_T I have to wake up at 8 am tomorrow so just one coord this time~

Dress...Who's Who
Shoes...NO FAIL Harajuku
Necklace...Hand made by sweet Kalanit<3

So, That's it for today. I already falling asleep while typing omg so have a great week everyone and goodnight!





  1. So cute! I really loved your harajuku outfit with the moon choker and the hearts skirt *^*