Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3 School outfits!


Didn't post in few days~ I was busy and sickT_T But now it's finally almost weekend and also I feel a lot better today!^^
I have to go to work soon as always, So I'll make that quick~ It's basically a post about 3 school outfits of this week!

The first one is this coord, Inspired by Okarie's outfit<3

Dress...Second hand brand [ת, מרכזית תלאביב]
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Choker...Panda Shop

It's not exactly similar since I didn't have a hat in that colorT_T and also the hair is different but! Close enough:D I really like that outfit of her which is basically, If I remember correctly, from Ank Rouge's catalog~

So I tweeted my outfit like everyday and tagged Okarie and then-

Needless to say I died.
My idolT_T
Senpai noticed me part2.

The second outfit is Amekaji style!^^
I really like Amekaji lately, more them before! brand [ת' מרכזית תל אביב]
Skirt...FOX brand
Glasses...Ebay brand [ת' מרכזית תל אביב]


Sorry for no makeupT_T didn't even do the basic make cause my face is all dry now that I'm sick:(
That day we found outside of class those cute giraffe stickers:D

And! Today's coord~ Again inspired by Okarie but not by a specific photo~

Hoodie...Ank Rouge brand
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Bag...Ank Rouge
Hair accessory...TOPTEN


OmgT_T Also the pants were really comfortable for a change~

And this is me in the second hand bazaar in my school with the coolest hat ever.

Now I really have to go. I'll finish that post here~ Tomorrow I'm going to school and then I Nofar is coming to meet me in Jerusalem^^ Then we're going back together and I'll finally!!! go to my parents house for the weekend^^
But, I think the next post will be about a challenge I did to myselfXD I tried to make cute outfits with long pants that I usually don't wear cause I hate long pants and I feel really boring with them. But more about this on my next post!

Have a great evening!


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