Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mayu's birthday event & Halloween party!

Hello Cuties!

Today I'm at mt parents house and I resting a little between 2 stressfull weeksXD This has been like a vecaton to me seriusly~ Sleeping in my princess room and meeting my friends and spending a lot of time with my family<3 just what I needed^^
Now it's gonna be 2 weeks untill I see them again but at least ot 3!!!!><

In today's post I'll write about Mayu's birthday event & Halloween!^^

On friday the 30th we all met in Tel Aviv for Mayu's birthday event in Piazza<3

This was my outfit~ Full Agejo coord^^

Bag...Samantha Vega

So at first I went to Dizingoff center and met Alisa, and we went together to Nettan's apartment and there we met her & Ann^^ Then I went with Ann to Piazza to meet Claire and everyone joined us a little later~ I ordered my favorite salad<3



You can't sit with us

Outside the resturant~
From left to right- Dinka, Me, Ann, Noy, Claire, Mayu, Eve, Bunny, Nettan & Innu^^

It was really fun at the restaurant and Mayu opened the presents and it was cuteXD
Then after that we went to Dizingoff Center to buy some Halloween stuff lol


Then Mayu, Innu and I went with Netta to her apartment for some Akipoyo quality timeXD

We bought ice cream and alcohol on the way lol
then we spent some time drinking coffee and looking at magazines before we had to start getting ready for the Halloween party!

With my love DT.

Then we started getting ready~ Dinka joined us when we almost finished and we started drinkingXD

This was my Halloween make~

Chibi alco chan

I died

PiyoBee the Halloween version!


With beautiful Dinka<33

When we left the house and tried to get a taxi XDD

Then we got to the party and it was really funXDD
I was laughing a lot all the time lol

Then after the party we got hungry and we went to eat and I was so tiredT_T then we went to Nettan's place and I changed and took my stuff and went to catch my bus cause I was working in the evening and it was already something like 6 pm lol

I was looking forward this so much and then it was over and I had that boring week lol it's so unfair. Now I can't wait for Christmas and the new year's eve:D Those meetings with the gals are really important to me now that I'm back to school cause I really hate that I have almost no time between that and work to do stuff that I wantT_T
Anyway! I don't want to start complaining again lol.
Now I'm going to buy some stuff that I need for those 2 weeks until I'll come to parents house again and also I need to organize my stuff cause I took lots of clothes from my closet for the photoshoot on Wednesday~

I finally finished posting all the stuff that happened recently and I'm back on track!XD Now I can start all my reviews and stuff that I planned XD
Hope you all had a great weekend and have an even better week!




  1. Oooo, I spot Finlandia!
    You gals look so cute. I hope you had a happy Halloween! ('u')

  2. Your so lucky with your super active galsa! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun <3