Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today's code~ Minnie chan! (Okarie inspiration part 3)

How are you today? I'm trying to survive that week.
Today I had a long day at school, but it was actually nice it both classes~ Also yesterday I complained I didn't have an idea for the video I had to do for homework lol well I actually did have one eventually and then after all that my teacher decided today at class that it's ok to do it for next week.
Now same problem as yesterday, I have homework for tomorrow, need to do 2 sequences of stop motion animation and have no idea what to do plus my Premier is not working. WHY IS THERE SUCH THING AS HOMEWORK???

And for a happier topic~ Tomorrow I have a photo shoot in Tel Aviv^^ A little break from my life and some time to see my gals. Of course we won't have much free time but at least I'll get to see them. I wish I had some more time to see everyone ughT_T I don't think it will happen next week also:[ But maybe.. I hope. 
I still haven't pack all the stuff I need and I didn't do my hair!!

Today was really cold omg. ~
This was my school outfit
Minnie chan!

Dress...Who's Who
Socks...off brand
Shoes...תחנה מרכזית ת"א
Minnie pin...Disneyland
Hair accessory...FOREVER21



Lately I got some cute presents from cute people^^
The eos lip balm that I got from sweet Alisa^^ I really like it! it's minty fresh and very comfortable to use!
And that omiyage Hatuli's parents got me from their trip to Poland^^ I really want to use it as a Christmas accessory it's beautiful*_*

Also Innu gave me those extensions she got at Body Line and she didn't use^ The color match my hair almost perfectly but I still haven't tried it with wavy hair so they will blend in^^ They're really long I love themT_T

Thank you so much Innu & Alisa<3

Now it's finally the last part of my Okarie inspiration obsession XD
Those pics are not as old as the pics I've posted in the first 2 parts but they're kinda old~ I loved her style in 2012-2013!T_T

Oh Okarie thank you for being so inspiring and beautiful all the timeT_T even now!<3

So, I think it's time to try opening Premier againT_T
 I wish it wasn't, but I cannot let myself go to class without homework [again]. And I'm sorry again for my boring posts lately.. School life are boring for me as well;-;
If anyone has an idea for a post you would like me to do about fashion or lifestyle or whatever you're more then welcome to suggest it!^^

Have a warm and lovely evening,



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