Sunday, April 26, 2015

Days 4+5 in Tokyo~ Nakano Broadway & Neko Cafe!

-26.4.15 -

Sunny Day in Jerusalem

Today we got back to school from our vacation and I don't know how to deal with it:| I hate school.+
So I thought I'll do another post to make the time go faster lol. how sad:P
Anyway today I'll post about days 4 and 5 in Tokyo^^

On day 4 I went to Takeshita in the morning for some [more] shoppingXD then I met Nettan and we went to Shinjuku~

My outfit with my novelty bag from Ank Rouge <3

Top - Spinns
Bottom - Harajuku
Shoes - WEGO
Hat -  Allenbi
Fluffy Bracelets - WEGO
Socks - ?


That poster killed me. w w

In the evening Nettan took me to Nakano Broadway~
Pretty pink lights*0*

It is suck a cool place! in that street there are many small shops and many many cute and cheap clothes :D

Peko chan!

The Beatles*___________*

Inside there are many many MANDARAKE stores and a lot of old rare toys~ I love it! a lot of Doraemon, Sailor Moon and other old school manga items:>

When we got back to Shibuya we saw Manya at Shibuya station and took a photo with her^^

She was so beautiful and sweet and after we saw her she tweeted something really sweet about us and how happy she was that we recognized her^^ cuteT_T

After that we took Purikura and then went to eat dinner~

We went to Shabu Shabu place in Shibuya~ it is like the best meal ever siriously.

I ate A LOT. T_T

Then after this endless dinner I rolled myself back home.

The next day we went to Ikebukuro to Neko Cafe!^^

 Cream melon pan & Banana soy milk

Sakura in Shibuya station

We went to Ikebukuro and met Emily, and then went to the Neko cafe, but we had to go into that cute Sanrio store on our wayXD


That's me.

At the Neko Cafe!
Everything was sooooooo so cute!!T_T

I love catsT_T

I really wanted to squeeze them but they said to be gentle with the cats so I had to restrain myselfXD

That thing! On the catalog they said the staff wanted something ugly but cute so they took himT_T

Even the toire was cuteXD

After an hour we had to go out to we went to meet Maya at Ueno park to do some Hanami in the evening~
On our way we did Purikura at a SEGA station so Nettan took out that Gudetama for me*_*

Top - Nakano Broadway
Necklace - DIVA
Socks - ברוריה
Shoes - H&M

At Ueno on our way to the park~

Beautiful Sakura at night

Of course we brought some foodXD

It was really fun to do Hanami in the evening actually^^ it has a different feeling then Hanami in daylight~ all the lamps are so beautiful~

And again for some small stuff that I bought~

From Okadaya


I love that angry cat makeup bagXD my best buy in JapanXDDD 


The name killed meXDDD

So That's it for today~ there is a break soon so I'll finish here and put more new stuff on the next post^^

So I wish everyone a great week and I hope the weekend will come fast:P