Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Nails & Outfit!

Hi Hi~!

How's your day? Happy Halloween everyone!:D

Today I FINALLY have a whole day off, I can't believe it lol
So I have time to post and I want to make this post about Halloween nails & outfit, But later I'll post about the Halloween party I went to with my gyarusa:D

So I'll start with my new nails~ Halloween theme!

I used nail tattoos Noy gave me^^ 
The purple glitters are my favorite I have to use that nail polish againXD

Yesterday I went to work at the shop and I did a Halloween inspired look^^
My make~

And my coord^^

Cardigan...Dizingoff Center
Choker...Paris Kids


Also I decorated my phone cover cause I was boredXD

I don't own many orange items in my closet but I found that dress and I thought it could go well with the Halloween theme:D 

So now I'm gonna it a little and them I'll post about the Halloween party:D

Here are some Halloween filters from Snow app:D

C ya!



Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Nails! (And some outfits)

And hi again!

One more post before I go to sleep~
Tomorrow I'm going to do my nails and I didn't even post my current ones. Those are the last set of summer nails for this year:(

 Summer colors! Aloha! Niko chan!T_T
Don't take them away from me!!!!
Well, At least my next nails will be Halloween nails so it will be fun but still.
I read that from this weekend it's gonna get colder and next week it would start to rain
Kill me please
I don't wanna! I'm not ready yet!
Winter haven't even started and I'm already waiting for spring:(

 Well for some other things then me crying about the end of summer~ A work outfit from last week [?] I think~



Bra top...H&M



And some other random outfit~

Top...King George st. tlv

And this is it~ I really have to go to sleep cause tomorrow's schedule is busy
10:00~15:00 Working at the shop
16:00 Nail salon
21:00~forever Working at waffle place

I hope the nails won't take long cause I still need to do them Halloween style at home and also get some sleep before work><
Well, I guess I won't have time to blog tomorrow so have a great rest of the week everyone!

Good Night~!




How are you?
I'm so so tired.. I was watching the 4 episode of WestWorld and kinda fell asleep in the middle of all the action so I figured I needed coffee and something else to doXD
So here I am~

So today I wanted to tell you about a while ago when I went to the beach with my friends:D
We went to HaTzuk beach which I didn't go to in 5 years I thinkXD
It's kinda nice, I like that the sea in close to the place we were sitting at but I still like Bugrashov beach better cause all of the palm trees^^

So this was my beach outfit!

Tshirt...Buzz Spunky
Shorts...Disney Store

Loooove those Mickey shorts<33



Summer Vibes!

My friends Amir also brought his dog Shanon:D Cute!

It was fun and I got a lot of tan:D
Also I bought everyone icecream and it was fun to go to the beach together cause the case with my hometown friends is that we usually do stuff at home like having coffee, Maybe pizza, Maybe a movie, But lately we did some stuff other then sitting at home which was long time since we last did it:D

It was actually a very shorter post then I thought lolz
But That means I can make another one today before I go to sleep^^

So I wish you a lovely evening!



Monday, October 24, 2016

Work Outfits~

Hi again!
So as I wrote few posts ago, I started a new job^^
It is actually my second job meaning I'm working at 2 jobs- one in the day and one in the night. My night job is a waffle place that is also like a pub so it's only open at night and I work really late like 3~5 am, And my second job is at a store called Shes that I really want to make a special post about it cause it's a really cool shop^^
Working 2 jobs mean I don't get much sleep and no free time, But that's ok for now, I like being busy and this is something that has a purpose cause I want to save money to go to Tokyo again^^
Soooo working at a store means I can dress how I want, not like at the waffle place where I wear tshirt and long pants and have to tie my hair~

Here are some work outfits^^

Skirt...Snidel brand


Shirt & Tunic...Smiley Face
Shorts...Shuk Rosh HaAyin
Hair accessory...Hello Kitty button I made into a hair accessoryXD



Denim brand


Make & Hair^^

(That day we did golden tattoos at workXD)

Peace & Love! 
It was on John Lennon's birthday<3

And also, Two outfits at my parents house~~ brand
Teddy bear shushu...SBY


Tshirt...Central Station tlv
Socks...Harajuku brand

So I really should make a post abut the shop and what we sell there cause I think it might be interesting to people that live in Israel and also people who come to Jerusalem and looking for good fashion cause I can tell you it's hardXD

And now again,
Wish you a great day!