Tuesday, October 25, 2016


How are you?
I'm so so tired.. I was watching the 4 episode of WestWorld and kinda fell asleep in the middle of all the action so I figured I needed coffee and something else to doXD
So here I am~

So today I wanted to tell you about a while ago when I went to the beach with my friends:D
We went to HaTzuk beach which I didn't go to in 5 years I thinkXD
It's kinda nice, I like that the sea in close to the place we were sitting at but I still like Bugrashov beach better cause all of the palm trees^^

So this was my beach outfit!

Tshirt...Buzz Spunky
Shorts...Disney Store

Loooove those Mickey shorts<33



Summer Vibes!

My friends Amir also brought his dog Shanon:D Cute!

It was fun and I got a lot of tan:D
Also I bought everyone icecream and it was fun to go to the beach together cause the case with my hometown friends is that we usually do stuff at home like having coffee, Maybe pizza, Maybe a movie, But lately we did some stuff other then sitting at home which was long time since we last did it:D

It was actually a very shorter post then I thought lolz
But That means I can make another one today before I go to sleep^^

So I wish you a lovely evening!



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