Friday, October 14, 2016

Innu date!^^


How are you?
I haven't been updating lately, For a very very long time actuallyT_T
The reason is I don't really have time:( I rarely use my laptop these days cause I'm working 2 jobs and also other stuff:X
I found a new job [another one] cause I need to save money until spring^^
I'll tell you more about it in the next posts!

So I thought I'll start with all the catching ups and do a short post about a night out & Beach date with Innu^^

We met in Dizingoff center, Finished our make and went to hangXD

Innu in the bathrooms of the center cause we're so classy

 After a long time I didn't do onee gyaru actually~

In our favorite spotXD

We did a lot of vines and is was so funnyXD Tried to do all the paripi dances and failedXDDD

After that Innu came to sleep in my house and in the morning we went to the beach~

Bag...Disney store


First time wearing my bijou bikini from H&M! I was so happy to find it cause I really wanted one and the colors are so <3

Bikini twins!<3

Was really fun as always at the beach^^ Then we went to Landwer and then I went homeT_T

Tomorrow I'm going for a vacation with my parents and I just finish doing my vacation nails~
I hope I'll feel better tomorrow though cause today I was supposed to go to the beach with Noy and her sis and I felt really bad when I woke up:( Also now I feel kinda cold....T_T

Anyway, I'll try to blog more! But If you want to see my updates anyway you can follow me on Twitter of IG^^

See you next time!



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