Friday, October 14, 2016


Good Morning!

Right before I go on my family vacation, Here is another blog post!:D

A while ago I went to the beach with Noy & Innu<3
We went to Bugrashov beach in tlv which is my favorite^^

I was working the night before so I have no sleep, So I didn't put on lenses~ Very light makeup...

Crop top...Bershka
Belt...Tally Weijl
Hat...King George st.

We met at Dizingoff center and Innu & I bought a melon cup!XD

Then we went to the beach and bought some snacks on the way~

Our usual spot!


With Noy<3

I was writing stuff on the sand which is a hard thing to do with long nails actuallyXD

Then after the beach we went to the usual place- LandwerXD For yummy drinks & lunch!

Innu looks like Natsumi Saito!

So now I have to hurry and go so I'll update again maybe later or something if I have time^^

Wish you a great day!<3



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