Saturday, October 22, 2016

FAUCHON lunch with the gals!

Hi again~ 
So apparently I AM working today.
And I actually thought I have one day off:((((((((((( OMG
Well, I guess I'll rest when I'll die:D

So before I have to go to work [><] here is another post about a gal meetup in FAUCHON last month!

I met Mayu at Azrieli and we went to Sarona to meet Noy and Innu~

Dress...Michell Macaroon brand
Bag...Liz Lisa

Mayu trying makeupXD

When we got to FAUCHON

Waiting to the others~

And having coffeeXD

When Innu & Noy arrived we ordered our food:D Mayu and I shared double breakfast:D

At some point my lashes annoyed me and Mayu actually brought me new ones from her Japan trip that day so I changed my lashesXD

Our fancy junk lol

Another outfit pic~

Felt kinda 60's to me:D I like it^^

With Noy<3


Fancy Squad!
All dressed Onee:D

Onee gal clothes had some cute patterns tho

When we went back to Azrieli..
when you can only afford replicas.........

Mayu is from Osaka so she's standing at the rightXD

Then at Azrieli I changed clothes and went to meet Hatuli at the central station cause we went to meet his parents for dinner at Ashdod


After we ate we went to take a walk at the beach<3




I'm gonna miss the beach when it will be officially winter:(

So... Fall vibes are i the air and even I can't ignore them anymore:(
Everyone is so Halloween-fall-yay and I'm here like
But well.. I guess  have to accept the fact that it's officially fall and soon winter is gonna hit hard:( 
Actually, Fall is usually the time I miss Tokyo the most [every year since 2008 lol] and this year is no different BUT now I'm working hard so hopefully I'll be able to go there soon and that gives me hope and keeps me happy^^
Working in 2 jobs is really hard but I'm happy that one of my jobs includes fashion~~
Another thing abut fall, If I was already about fashion, Is that I soon gonna need some coord inspiration and I'm thinking about making a post about it!:D
It's gonna be mostly Amekaji and Gyaru kei probably but well... some onee also maybe.
That means I'm gonna have to dig at some blogs:D I'm thinking bout Suzu and Akaharu~~~XD

So now I'm gonna go ad make some stuff I have to do before another week with no free time starts...
Have a lovely evening everyone!<3




  1. השמלות מהממות! ♥
    ואני בדיוק כמוך, גם אני די מתבאסת מזה שחלף הקיץ ועוד רגע יגיע החורף. בעיקר כי אני ממש סובלת מקור ותמיד צריכה להיות עטופה במאה שכבות ואני מרגישה שאני לא יכולה להתלבש בצורה שתהיה גם חמודה ויפה וגם מחממת.>_>

    דרך אגב, קיוויתי שאראה אותך באייקון ובסוף לא ראיתי. :( היית שם?

  2. Your 60's outfit looks like you're on your way to a Beatles concert <3
    And hey, think of how many rokku clothes the stores will have for fall *_*