Monday, October 24, 2016

Shopping with Noy chan~!

Hi Hi!

Today I have time until the evening cause it's Sukot [Jewish holiday] and things are open only in the evening, so the store is closed and I could sleep late:D That's good cause I'm working tonight and also tomorrow morningT_T Luckily I don't work tomorrow night cause that would have been horrible.
I DO work the morning after then night then morning again:( But at least on Thursday evening there's Mayu's b-day event and Halloween party:D
I need to figure out a costume!T_T

Anyway, In today's post I wanted to tell you about the time when Noy & I went to central station in Tel Aviv for some shoppingXD
I love finding stuff there cause you can actually find some cool stuff and everything is very low priced:D

So we did Amekaji looks for that day!^^ 

Shirt...Smiley Face by Harvey Ball
Shorts...Buzz Spunky
Hat...King George st. brand
Accessories...TOPTEN, off brand

TOPTEN niko chan pin

Buzz Spunky<3

We also hang at Mcdonald'sXD


Noy chan<3

Mcdo ice cream!


Also in the central station you can find so many funny stuff like awkward t shirts and things like that:

It could have been so cuteXD

And here are my gets!

I think this shirt was 20 nis? something like that.
I like it so much!

10 nis

10 nis
[I have them in 3 colors nowXD]

Leggings! 20 nis?

Lol I couldn't help itXD
Each one 10 nis~ 
Noy and I bought those tails for our Amekaji twinning [That we want to do in the future lol[

When it's winter we need to go again cause there are always cute things to buy thereXD
Even though I kinda hate the people there:(
Well.. I think I'm gonna post again today before I go to work but now I need to do some other things before I have no time again cause of work:(( But but.. GanbarimasuT_T

So have a lovely day everyone!



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