Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recent Gets!

Hi Hi!

What a lazy day..

I woke up late cause I worked late yesterday and went to sleep at 4 amT_T It was like that for the last 3 days:(( Also I'm working tonight.. But at least starting tomorrow I have a long weekend off and lots of fun things to do:>

Wanted to share some recent gets and random stuffXD

So first of all~ This Liz Lisa top that I wanted for a very long timeXD

It's really old collection and it had the old Liz Lisa tag:D The whiteXbrown one! I love itT_T It's so old school<33 This top always reminded me the stuff that they wear on 'Gals!' so I can't wait to coord it:D

Also some presents I got from Nettan:D
This one I got in exchange of a mokomoko pink jacket I gave her^^
It's a d.i.a tank top and It's so summer ish and beautiful I can'tT0T

Also~ It's like Yun's!:D
She probably doesn't wear it anymore though...<_<

And Also! Nettan gave me some makeup that she didn't use and I neededXD
I was looking for a very orange lip gloss and she had one that she didn't want so she gave it to me^^ Also a peach orange lipstick and an eyebrow mascara:D Yay!^^
Thank you so much!<3

And some random stuff..

When I went to visit my sister.. lol Rilakkuma gone wild


We're cool \m/ with our sunglasses!

I don't feel like sitting at home all day:(
 I already watched the last ep of GOT so I have nothing to do lol

I think I'm gonna go and look for some diy stuff in the city and be productive.
Wish me luckXD

Have a great day everyone<3



Sunday, June 26, 2016

お誕生日おめでとう! Big AKAHARU inspiration post^^

Hi Hi!^^
Today's post will be dedicated to one of my favorite models~ Akaharu!<3
Today is her birthday so I thought I'd make a post about her:>

So her real name is Akahori Haruka, And today she will be 31 yo^^ 

This is a recent pic of her^^

Akaharu started as a blogger at Ameba, And a familiar face at 109's SBY^^ After getting friends with many Shibuya characters she appeared sometimes at egg snaps and egg Youth~ Then she became the main model for Buzz Spunky's girls line:>
Buzz is one of my favorite brands, It's so hard to find items though cause it was closed few years ago:(
Akaharu was always into Gal fashion and even today she consider herself gal even though she toned down A LOT. she used to be Tsubasa's fan and look a like, but later on she developed her own style<3
Also she is a poet, Ever since she started at Ameba she used to have little poems from time to time and now she post them on her IG~

I think that Akaharu is one of the few models that I actually READ their blogs and not just looked at the pictures~ Therefor I can really say that she inspires me in many many levels, cause I think that she did it big time, Even if she wasn't an exclusive magazine model or a producer of a bigger brand. Also of course that I love her Amekaji style, Her hair & make and.. EverythingXD

In this post I'll put old pics of her cause 1. I'm still digging in her blog so I'll probably have more pics soon, But I wanted to make this post today 
And 2. This is the time that I take the most inspiration from!

(Click on the pic to see it in actual size)

So as I said before, Soon when I'll have more pics I will upload them, But I hope you can be inspired by those as much as I do<3
So I really wish her a happy birthday and all the best, and I hope she is always happy and that she will keep on doing what she loves and I feel very thankful for the inspiration she gives me^^

Happy birthday Akaharu Chan!<33