Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Disneyland Part 2

Hi There!

Today [tonight 00:16 lol] I'll post about my second day in Disney land^^
You can see the post about my first day

So on the second day we went to Walt Disney Studios~ Which is like a different park, you need a separate ticket for it, So I've never been there it was my first time^^ I was really happy to see stuff that I haven't seen before:D

This was my second day outfit~

Shirt...Ank Rouge
Skirt...Liz Lisa

And also Ank Rouge bagXD



With mama^^

It was really cool inside like an old school American night scene XD I love it~
It was mostly stores and restaurants\food placesXD

Outside in the park itself I've seen Rapunzel:D
So cute~

Toon Town!

And Rex!:D

Disney studios stuff like Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch, Finding Nemo and movies that are less.. Classics~
I really liked Disney Studios the park itself is very cool and also there are a lot of cool stuff to do:D

We of course looked at some storesXD

Cutest TsumTsum ever

Amekaji Mickey!:D

Me on a Tshirt

Then we went back to Fantasyland


And seen another spring parade:D

With Michaela on main street^^

And I ate Mickey marshmallow :DD

Also went to Adventureland to feel a little bit like home lol lol no

And again to Alice:D

And to the Small World:D

Because it was supposed to be spring [it was raining as hell] they still left the Easter eggs there and it was so cuteT_T

Why did they do an Easter egg of me?

And also, We went to my beloved StarbucksT_T

I really wish we had Starbucks in Israel. It's not that we don't have better coffee it's just all the other stuff that I love even moreXD

My brother making fun of how I take pictures with coffeeXDDDD

So that's it for the second day^^
Stay tuned for more Disneyposts:D

And now I'll go to sleep cause it's really late here!XD



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