Monday, June 20, 2016

Outfit post & IKEA fun! XD

Hi Hi!

How are you today?:D
I'm at home trying to deal with the horrible hit lol
Yesterday I went to IKEA with Hatuli~ We tried to find some stuff to our apartment, And we didn't fins almost nothing from our listT_T But we bought some nice stuff though, And it was a fun day lol

Dress...H&M men
Necklace...TNT brand\TOPTEN


I made a few of those in different colors lately:D It's fun and I was looking for summer hats cause I miss my winter hats lol
This one was the first that I made so it's not the best but I really like it anyway^^


Making fake sushi

We ate lunch there also lol

Soy latte<3


Hatuli's mess in wide angle

On our way home

When we got back to Jerusalem we stopped at a new shop that we saw that sells accessories and other stuff and I bought earrings

And a tunic

The pierce were 5 each pair and the tunic was 15 nis^^

Also I bought at IKEA that laptop stand for 19 nis

It's really comfortable cause I almost never sit at the table when I use my laptopXD

Oh and one more important thing!
I got a new phone!!!
Since my LG G3 was stolen few months ago, I had my cousin's iPhone 5C that she didn't need and I really wanted LG again cause I really loved it and also the camera...T_T
So I asked my parents if they can get me a new one for my birthday, And they did!:D 2 weeks earlier evenXD
It's LG G5 and it's pink and I'm inloveT_T The camera is AMAZING and it has 2 back cameras so you can use wide and also ISO and white balance like a real camera I mean that's too great I can't....T____T

I'm working tonight and I'm so.. ughT_T But I need money:(
 I work tomorrow also. That's not too bad actually cause it's only 2 shifts then I have a free day and then on the Israeli Gyaru meetup that I'm going to Mayu's after for a slumber party:D Yay!

So have a great day everyone!




  1. You guys are so precious!! ;;
    I dunno if I've said this before but I really like your blog a lot!

    1. Omg that you so much!T_T
      That means a lot to me<33 Really!