Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gyarusa meeting with lots of shopping! [And home picnic:D]

How are you today?
I just finished dying my hair and I wanted to make a new post about a Gyaru sa meeting we had some time ago:D And all the shopping I did that day lol

So we met in Tel Aviv as always, At first I met Innu and then Nettan came and we went to Landwer for coffee:D

My make~

Top...Allenby st
Skirt...Sneep Dip
hello Kitty X Rady doll

With Innu and a fake coffee cupXD

We went to do some shopping but Nettan didn't feel so well so she went home and Innu and I went to Dizingoff Center to check out Laline stuffXD

Then we went to do more shopping lol and then Mayu joined us and we went to eat lunch^^

We ate at Landwer [again lol] and I ate something called "Pink tomatoes sauce" which is tomato sauce with a liiiiiiiiittle bit of cream in it and it was PERFECT.


Then after some more shopping [!] I went to meet Nofar that was in Tel Aviv at the time and we met also with Amir and had yogourt:D

And this is all I bought:

10 NIS

15 NIS

10 NIS each

10 NIS

10 NIS

20 NIS

The pineapple hair accessory is actually from FOREVER21 but I took a pic of it cause I didn't have one. The make up bag was 10 NIS and the necklace was 5? 2? I don't rememberXD

And everything is perfectT_T Only 10 nis wtf??? I can't understand why would I go to a mall with gets like thisXD

Also I forgot to post about a picnic that I did with Hatuli some time ago:D
We made all the food and then the weather sucked so we did a picnic at homeXD

On a blanket on the floorXDD
It was fun we watched reality shows and ate all the food lol
Also we had a yummy rice porridge dessert with papaya:D
Now I'm hungryT_T

Lately I feel like posting a lot, I don't know why~ I don't think it's cause I bored lol
I maybe feel very inspired? I can't explain~ 
Also lately I really wish there were more Israeli bloggers like there used to be~ There are only a few now, For example Mayu & Nettan don't ever post anymore and I miss the times where we all had Israblogs and used to blog a lotT_T ugh 
We need more bloggers here.

47.1 kg


So with that I'm gonna go and make me a cup of coffee then maybe watch some CSI until my mom comes backXD
Have a lovely day everyone!




  1. זה באמת עצוב שאף אחד לא מעדכן כבר בבלוגים...
    אבל כיף שאת מעדכנת
    ואיך משעמם לך?? אין לכם הגשות עכשיו?

  2. ואולי תעשי פוסט מתכונים?
    הכל נראה ממש ממש טעים *_*

    1. האמת שלי ספציפית אין הגשות כי אני לא בבצלאל יותר:)
      ואולי אני באמת צריכה:O חתולי ישמח לעשות איתי פוסט מתכוניםXD

      ותודה על התגובה^^