Monday, June 13, 2016

Tadaima~!! Shirofest & Princess Dream^^

Hi Hi!

I got home from Shirofest event that was today at Tel Aviv~
I was selling there with Nettan at out little second hand\hand made shop^^

Yesterday I went to a family lunch and when I got home I did my hair and then took the bus to Tel Aviv to sleep Nettan's cause the event was in Tel Aviv and we had to be there very early~

I wanted to make my hair big and fluffy so I used a curling stick on my hair without straighting it first.


Curling stick<3 My love. So much better then any other curling thingies.


I was really really big and I had to do it the day before so by the time of the Shirofest after a slept on it it wasn't like that exactlyT_T But close enough. I just didn't have time in the morning:(
I really want to but hair extensions cause when I curls my hair I feel it's not lone ENOUGH. 

I want it more like this:

Perfect;0; I want.

This was my outfit~ I don't have a proper outfit pic from the event itself so I have only those~


So this morning we woke up at 7 am cause we had to be there at 9~ Nettan's boyfriend Amir helped us so much with all the stuff and even drive us to the place of the event!

It took some time but eventually it was finished!
Princess Dream at Shirofest! :D


It was bigger then the last one we did so it was nice^^ Even though it turned out to be a very small event cause not many people came, It was too hot and also there was another gaming event today in Ramat Gan:X

Also, If someone bought over 100 nis we gave away a cute present- HnG mini bag!^^

It was super hot omg I can;t even explain. And we didn't even sit at the hottest spot lol

Then Innu came to the event a little later and sat with us:D


Photo by Avi Dorfman

I couldn't really go out so Innu bought me cold coffee:D

At some point we played some music and danced ParaparaXD 
And other stuff too lol

Then Mayu came also to the event in the afternoon:D

And I got Kiiroitori doll from Almog's shop!:D omg I'm inlove with itT_T

I met a lot of cute people and unfortunately I have almost no pics:( I don't know why I wasn't even THAT busy:(( Well, Next month we will meet again at Kami event and also nest week there is a Gyaru Meeting in Dizingoff Center so I will meet some of them even sooner:D

It was fun today but so hot and also not so many people as we thought, But I was still having fun^^
Big thanks to anyone who bought from us of even just came to say hi!:D

I'll post more pics tomorrow, But now I really want to take a showerXD
I was sweating the whole day lol lol
Also I dead tired and tomorrow I'm supposed to work :X 

Good night!



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