Saturday, June 25, 2016

Movie date with Mayuminnie^^

In yesterday's post I wrote about the Israeli Gyaru meetup^^ So After everyone had to go I went to sleep at Mayu's house:D We planned to go to the movies the day after~

When we got to her house first of all we spent some time with her cute dogs:D
Chibi Lulu<33

With my new pajama!

We watched 'Inside Out' and ate dinner and then we went to sleep~~

In the morning we got dressed and went to the mall and to the movies!:D

My make~

Bag...WC brand


Another hat I made^^ I have a few of those in different colors now:D


Mayu finished her make!:D



In the car on our way~

Mayu's car in My Melo themedXD

At the mall we ate Kiyortush and coffee


Hello there!
Mayu's new friend at the pet shop

We went to watch 'Finding Dori'!:D

I LOVED the movie!!!
Of course I will always love the first one better but this one is also so cute and funny and adorableT0T Go and watch it!!!

My gets from the mall~

Denim bikini from TOPTEN for 50 nis

Summer accessories:D

And a new friendship bracelet:D

After the movie I bought Hatuli a small yummy present [Dried pineapple lol] and then Mayu drove me to the bus station, And it was SO HOT and I waited for 49858983 yearsT_T god.
But besides that I had a great time that day:D I can't wait to see my gals again this week<3

This week's planes:
Work a lot
Go to see Hatuli and his band
Sleepover at Innu's
Go to the beach
My birthdayT__T Which is the scariest part of my week:X
But it will be fun I guess:P

So, See you next post!



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