Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Disneyland Part 4

Finally I remembered to make the next post about my Disneyland tripXDD This is the 4th part^^ You can see the previous parts here:

So on the 4th day we decided to go to Paris^^ We took a train from the Disney station to Paris~ It wasn't too long:D

My make that day~

And my coord^^

Dress...Cecil McBee
Cardigan...off brand
Necklace...Tally Weijl

At Tuileries Garden^^ It was a sunny day even though it was supposed to be very cold and rainy~

While walking at Rue De Rivoli and looking at stored I saw those beautiful art galleries here and there<3

The Beatles!:D

Walking around, Falling into any tourist trap shop in the street...

Beautiful candy shop

I always love those big old doors in Paris, Ever since I was littleXD

We also had coffee and Cinnamon bun at Starbucks:D

The man who took the picture kept taking pictures lol

We also walked through Champs-Elysees and everything was beautifulT_T I really love Paris and I'm glad we had even half a day for it^^

When we got back to Disneyland park we didn't have much time for the attractions so we mostly hang in the stores and bought presents lol

Can I live there?T_T

This is the cutest sign ever!!!!

The Disney hotel at night


I need this!!!!

Then we went back to the room after we manged to catch the start of the light show again, But we had to go to sleep cause we wanted to get up early, Cause the next day was out last day at Disneyland and we wanted to be able to do a lotT0T

In the next post- The last day at Disneyland & My gets!:D

See you later!<3



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