Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick review (#13 Like a princess)

Hi there!^^

Today I want to shortly review a new lipstick I got<3

 Sheer & Shine lipstick 13 ~ 'Like a princess' by essence

So I bought this one cause I wanted something more colorful for summer! I feel that all my lipsticks are pink:O And I feel like that cause it's trueXD I also really love nude lipstick but I didn't really have a vivid color one. I really love essence's lipsticks so I wanted to try this one. It cost only 10 nis which is insanely cheap:O
I chose this one cause it looked not too red [I don't look good with red lips] and not TOO dark, But it's more like cherry color^^

So when I tried it on what I loved the most is that it has like a Jelly-ish look, As if I put lip gloss on it, but it's not heavy like lip gloss and it's not sticky.

I still think that lighter colors look better on me, But I really like this one and I definitely gonna use it this summer:D I think maybe with lighter eye make~^^

I really want to try other colors from that Sheer & Shine series!
I give this lipstick 5~5^^

I also got 2 of the essence nude collection and I'll review them another time:D




  1. What a nice colour! Reminds me of some hime and agejo gyarus' makeup.

    1. Ikr?? I really needed a color like this! I'm so happy that essence has so many nice things for good price^^

  2. Nice! I think I'll buy one from this series, but another color :P