Saturday, June 11, 2016

Outfits & Tsubasa inspiration

Hi everyone^^
It's 11:56 pm here and I'm bored cause Hatuli is taking a shower~
Most of the day I've been alone at home with George~

I was a little jealous of my friends cause today is a holiday in Israel called Shavuot and there is always yummy food and all the family get together but I couldn't go to my family dinner cause is Saturday and there are no buses and I live far:(((

 So I was alone and sad but then Hatuli came back from work and brought some cookies and brownies and we watched out favorite reality show together and is was a fun evening^^

So I thought I'd make a post with all the outfits I haven't posted here yet, And also some Tsubasa Masuwaka inspiration before I go to sleep:D

Tank brand from central station TLV
Denim shirt...second hand




Shirt...Bershka brand
Shoes...Liz Lisa
Bracelet...Shuk HaCarmel
Sunglasses...Ray Ban

Also this bag I bought from Tamnoon^^ It was 20 nis~

Love the print!


Shirt...Dip Drops
Lace tunic...Tally Weijl brand
Pumps...central station TLV

~ brand
Pompom shushu...TOPTEN brand



And this is the only pic I have of this outfit cause the other ones were for some reason blurry:X

Necklace...Handmade from Hutsot HaYotzer brand

And now for some Tsubasa inspiration~
As you might already know, Tsubasa in 2008-2011 is currently one of my biggest inspirationsT_T
I'm really sad that she doesn't look like that anymore, But she's still so gorgeous and unique and inspiring that I can't help it but adore her.
Recently I found some pics of her [mostly with Umeshan] that I haven't seen for a VERY long time:O
I was looking for old pics that she put on her first blog on StyleWalker that doesn't exist anymore and it's super hard to find! But! I have found some^^ So here are a few, I will post more next time:D

 I want that Justin Davis necklaceT_T Why so expansive:OO

Love that outfit of her! Made me really want a pink overall when I saw it on the video~

One day I will get myself this hat I swearXD

Again that outfit that I love~

Well I know they divorced in the end but they were such a cute couple ughT_T

She's perfect.

EDWIN X UmeTsuba

The hair*_*

Again, Perfect. I love both coords~ And I love couple twinning<333

The colors and the pattern are so cute!

They kinda look a like don't you think...?....

I Always feel so inspired by herT_T

 Well, That's it for today~
Tomorrow my parents are coming to my aunt for lunch and it's in Jerusalem so I can go too^^ Yay:D Then I'm going to Nettan's and the morning after is the big day~ SHIROFEST! :D

I wish you all good night<3


GeorgiePiyo & George

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