Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Overall Attack!!

Today I went to Bezalel to see presentations by my classmates^^
I haven't been there for a while and haven't seen them for even longer time so I missed them! 
I didn't see everything cause there were so many movies and Hatuli needed to go to work and I went home with him, But I did see some great stuff, Some by people I don't even really know:O I'm really happy for them that this presentation is over*_*

Today's code~

Tank top...FOX
Flipflops...Liz Lisa brand\eBay

Today's point of fashion was my new Overall!<3
I bought it at TwentyFourSeven at the mall in Ashkelon when I was there with Hatuli^^ Just a few days before I got it I said I really want a white one:D

I was so happy that I found it, And also in was on sale~ 100 nis!^^ Which is half then the price of my blue denim overall from Renuar:O
Now I want a pink one and a yellow one lolz

Some more points of today's coordinate^^

The earrings Hatuli chose for me:D

And today's hair~ Half bun^^

It's seriously so hot in our apartment/ Poor George is trying to lay in a different place every time cause it's too hot to sleep in the same placeT0T

Life of a lazy spoild cat.

So I thought of doing an inspiration post today, And the there is..
I'll try to find pics of different styles, But most of them will probably be Amekaji\Gyaru kei cause I have many pics of that styleXD
Let's begin!:D

Ok I think I carried away just a little bit lol but everything here is so perfectT_T I want every single overall lol lol I lost it
Any wayXD What is your favorite? 
 Colorful? Denim? Short\long, Skinny\boyfriend? XD

I'm so happy that tomorrow is finally the Israeli Gyaru meeting! I've been waiting for it^^ I wanna see everyone and have fun and dance para para and laugh:D
We're gonna meet at Dizingoff Center at 13:00, And all the girls in the Israeli Gyaru group on facebook are invited, Even if they just like gyaru and they are not gals themselves, Or even if they're just doing gal for those meetings^^ A meeting for everyone!:D So If you live in Israel and you like gyaru, Come tomorrow to meet us!:>

After the meeting I'm going to Mayu's for a slumber party:D I should really pack my bag already:O So I'm gonna go and do that now!

See you tomorrow!:D




  1. Half bun hairstyle looks so cute on you! Love it! ♥