Sunday, June 5, 2016

Disneyland part 1

Hi Hi!

How are you today?^^
It's SO HOT here! And I'm in Jerusalem where it supposed to be colderXD I don't wanna know what's happening in Tel Aviv\South of Israel lol

So as I said in my last post I'm finally posting about Disneyland!^^ A few weeks ago I had a trip to Disneyland Paris with my mom, little brother & cousin^^ It was so fun! I really missed that place and also it was fun that it was the first time of my cousin Michaela at Disneyland so she was so excited and all and it make you feel more exited as well I don't know whyXD

So our flight was in the morning, It takes 4.5 hours to get from Israel to Paris~
At the airport- last coffee before the flightXD

The flight was ok I guess.. I kinda hate it anyway so I didn't expect it would be different then any other beforeXD

Oh and I did my nails Disney inspired for the trip:DD

When we got to the hotel [We stayed at Santa Fe] it was really rainy but it wasn't so cold so it was ok~

With my marshmallow coatXDD

And then we got to Disneyland itself. How I missed itT0T And how much I miss it now again:(

My outfit next to one of the many shops we went intoXD

And my make that day~ I used my mom's Minnie ears from TDL lol

At one of the stores- Minnie spring hat! I wish it wasn't so expansiveT_T Actually everything was expansive:X

We ate lunch at one of the diners there~ My brother with my coatXD

After lunch we watched the parade, Unfortunately my phone died that moment and I didn't take many picsT_T But I have some videos on Vine [@GeorgiePiyo] 

At the Alice In Wonderland Labyrinth

So as I said my phone died and I didn't really take any pics from that moment on but I have a lot more from the second day cause I took Hatuli's mobile charger with meXD

Also before I'll blog about the second day I might make a post abut more recent stuff cause I don't want it to pile up lol

So see you next time!



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