Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gyarusa meeting & Laline spring peeling soap!

Yesterday's post made me wanna post againXD
So this is the last post about the stuff before DisneylandXD Next post will be about the trip^^
I actually fell asleep pretty quick last night after I finished posting but then I woke up several times early in the morning and now I'm awake><

So! right before I went to Disneyland I met with the gals in Tel Aviv for lunch^^
I was wearing my new Rady dress<3


And my make & hair~

With Mayu, Noy & Innu<3




Then Nettan joined us and we went to Piazza^^

I had of course my beloved salad

And cold coffee<3


Then Noy had to leave but the rest of us went to Dizingoff center and Innu and I got a helix by Nettan's boyfriend at his work placeXD
For some reason I can't find the pics we took there:(( But If you follow me on Vine you can see a video of itXD [@GeorgiePiyo] and of other stupid things we doXD

And for another thing- Last time I went to get my nails done I stopped at Laline and finally got the new addition<3
This was my outfit that day-

Top...off brand
Shushu...from Italy

My inspiration for this coord were those two~



They both had a similar style that I'm inlove withXD

And my nails from the last time I did them~ 


And this is what I got-
I love!!!! The design of the floral new addition for spring!

It's a peeling soap and I really love the smell of it<3 I'm difficult with smells cause I have fruity smells and stuff that are too sweet, But I'm inlove with floral smells<333

And other new things:
The Rady dress I wore for the meeting

And 2 skirts from Emoda & Sneep Dip

I was kinda scared they wouldn't fit but they are not as small as I thoughtXD

So that's it for today's post~!
I wish you all a great day!




  1. the Rady dress is so cute and I love the outfite ispired to Arikkuma..