Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New hair color! (QuisQuis pink hair treatment)+Date with Ann & Some outfits~

It's now 1:14 am here in Israel and in few hours I'm flying to Paris with my mom, brother & cousin^^
I thought I'd make a quick post before I go to sleep for a couple of hours~ I'm taking my laptop with me so maybe I'll have time to blog there too, I don't know yet^^ 

Any way!
Lately I was really upset with my hair color. No matter how I styled my hair it looks ugly to me:( Also I dyed my roots a while ago and for some reason the came out darker then usual what looked even uglier to me~ So I finally decided that I need a change, But I didn't really wanted to use lots of toners and stuff cause my hair is pretty much dead and I wanted to give him time to get a little better lol, Well I thought I'll try the QuisQuis color hair treatment for the second time in my life cause last time I liked the resultXD
So I used this treatment I bought in Japan last year~

QuisQuis has lots of color treatments, I got this pink one and also a lavender one I want to use soon.
The color called "Nectar" on the bag, And the result actually IS kinda nectar-ishXD
I regret I didn't buy 2 of every color cause there is very little cream inside the bag and I have a long hair, But I mixed it with a little bit of hair mask with pink hair color so it would be a little bit more.
I used it after I washed my hair, dried it just a little bit then put the treatment on and waited for something like 10 minutes even though it says 5 lol

This is the result:

I actually like it! It looks a bit orange but there is some pink and also it's not a brassy orange:D
And of course the yellow brassy hair color I had is no longer there:DDDDDDDDD
So, I wouldn't call it an official Imechen but for now that's my lookXD

Some time ago I met with Ann in Tel Aviv^^
We met at Sarona while she was watching her little sister Vita^^

Before I went ti my bus~

Tshirt...Shuk Bezalel
Hat...King George st
Bracelets...off brand

Point of fashion!

And my make:

Lenses are again from Solution-Lens.com, Dueba Gossip Brown
Lashes are my regular Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, No bottom lashes.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from that day cause for some reason we forgot to take pics together!!T_T damn

On the day after I met Ann Hatuli's cousin Valentina came to visit from Canada. They didn't see each other for 10 years! That's crazy.
She came to visit in Jerusalem and we spend the day together. It was so fun and I was so happy to meet her! She's very sweet and fun:D
We went to the market, to Jaffa street, the old city and Mamila, we did A LOT!!XD
It was so hot that day and we did a lot of walking around lol but I'm happy she got to see lots of places^^

Funny eggplant at the marketXD

And some outfits!


I love those shoes so much. I have them for years<3

I really want to but more Allstars in many colors~ First of all yellowXD and also pink and maybe red and black as well~


Very veyr casual

Dress...was stolen from my sisterXD



So that's it for today~ I kinda planned to blog about all the things that happened until now so I' could blog about Disneyland when I'll be there, But I was too lazy so now I have too many posts I wanted to doXD
But, I'll try to post as often as I can, I promise~!

Good night!



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