Saturday, May 28, 2016

Harucon 2016

Hey there!
long time to see, again:( I don't know why I don't post a lot like I used too, I'm sorryT_T But now that it's summer and I do a lot of stuff I need to start doing it again!:P
So I actually came back from Disneyland 2 weeks ago or something but I still haven't posted about some of the stuff that happened before!:O

There was another convention in Israel that happens every year called Harucon^^
The morning of the con I met with Naama for coffee in Tel Aviv and it was very nice to see her:3 Also I had a really yummy coffee:D

Then I met with Mayu at Oban Koban for lunch and we went to the con that was very close to the restaurant~
This was my outfit^^

Top...Liz Lisa brand

And my make~

Also bad photos of my Little Twin Stars nails that I didn't at the time~



At oban Koban eating Ramen:D

Also Mayu brought me some presents from Thailand^^ I love it thank you!<3


I met a lot of cute people that I love:D

It was really fun and we in the evening I went with Noy and Mayu to Max Brener and had Mocha drink:P
Soon there are so many events! Shirofent & Harajukufest & Kami:D yay!

And some random stuff:

My outfit for Hatuli's family picnic for his cousin that came from Canada^^

Top...Central station TLV


She was so sweet and I was so happy to see her again before she left Israel^^
I hope we will go to visit her in Canada one day:>

Also she brought me cute presents!

Miffy key chain that I put on my Co&Lu wallet:D

VS bag<3333

And one more thing that I got as a presentXD So many presents in this post lol:
Those cute ZARA shorts from my parents neighbor XD So cute and summerish:D

So well that's it for today^^
I'll do a post about Disneyland with lots of pics soon<3

47.2 kg


Have a great day and see you soon!



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