Sunday, September 25, 2016

Couple Twinning~!

How are you today?
I'm at hope after I slept for 49598 hours cause yesterday was such a long day:OO

Two weeks ago I went on a breakfast date with Hatuli^^ I'm happy that lately we get to do special things together even though we're so busy~

Hatuli and I did a twin look with Mickey Mouse prints:D

Code~ Casual Amekaji

Bag...Cher brand
Hat...King George st.

I bought those shoes for 50 nis at Yaffo st in Jerusalem^^

My make~ No bottom lashes this time

We went to a place in Beit HaKerem in Jerusalem that called "Efaim"~ we had a delicious breakfast^^

On our way home:

Baby Hatuli

We went to run some errands in the city before going home~

So... I didn't want to admit this, But fall s almost hereT_T
I really don't want summer to end but you can feel that it's not so hot anymore [especially here in Jerusalem] and I really want to go to the beach a few times before summer REALLY ends and I can embrace fall~

So that's it for today's post~
Wish you all a great day!



Sunday, September 18, 2016

Israeli Gyaru Meetup #4~!

Hi Hi!

How are you today? I hope your weekend was fun^^

Today I wanna post about the last Israeli Gyaru meeting in Dizingoff Center!:D
It was supposed to be a big meeting but in the end we were a few, Yet it was really fun and I'm always happy to see the gals!:D

My outfit theme was colorful summer:P


Top lashes- Diamond lash beauty eye
Bottom- From Donqi:P [Also you can get this kind of lashes at eBay:O] 

Pretty random, Cause I wanted to do something else that didn't work out lol


Belt chain...Ma*rs
Bag...Disney Store Paris [Since I was 7 or somethingXD]

My beloved MarpleQ top<33

Also my earring^^

Here I Go!

Next to disc center:DD

Olga, Noy & Almog

Noy chan<3


Cold coffee at Cofix!

Saw this bag at Bruria and.......

Noy did Almog's nails and I did Olga's nails!:D


Next meetup we'll do it again so if anyone interested tell us!^^

In the afternoon Einav joined us<3

Fake glasses, Fake glasses everywhere~

All of us<3

In the evening we went for accessory shopping at TOPTEN~ Of course TOPTEN kids had better stuff lol
Noy & I got friendship necklaces!:D


Also They found something they thought I'd like: Colorful rubber bracelets:D Einav bought one package and each girl picked the colors she wants and then I bought a whole one to myself lolXD


We finished the meet up at McDonald's and I ate ice cream:D And also Nettan finished working so she joined us!^^\

With Noy<3

The meet up was super fun! I can't wait till the next one and actually we really need to find a date already~

Now I'm gonna get ready to workT_T Tomorrow Mayu and I have a date in Tel Aviv:D

So have a lovey evening everyone!