Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PiyoBee beach date!

Second post for todayXD I really need to start blogging everyday again lol

A while ago I went to the beach with Innu~
Because we both working at nights we actually met a little later then usual and went to the beach at noon~afternoon, And I have to say I really like that houre:D

My make~ Maye a little heavier then usual but I really like it^^

Tried to add a little bit of color<3

I used those two palettes~ The base was the light one from the bronze palette and added a lot of green and a little bit of lavender that for some reason faded in the pic~

It was actually pretty random how I did thatXD but I really hate to be at the beach with bangs so I always try to pull it up somehow~

Code! Inspired by BD Acham<3333333



Out usual spot at Bugrashov beach<3


Innu is tanning like her dog ToshaXDD

Love & Sunshine~

We bought snacks and bananasXDDDDDDD

I was wearing my leo print bikini from Pimkie~

After the beach we went to drink fruit shakes at Landwer's

And also ate lunch^^

Angry chipXD

Well that's it for today's post!
I'm trying to go to the beach as much as I can before summer ends:((
 I'm so sad when I think about itT_T I don't really like winter:X I like fall it's super short and then winter:[[[[
Anyway~ As always when seasons are changing, I need to figure out my fashion goalsXD The only thing that can make me happy about itXD

So again, I wish you all a great day! Enjoy the last days of summer!T0T



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