Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oldschool outfit & Brands shopping!

Hello again!

I'm after my sewing class and after I went to visit at my workplace:D
I really need to sleep early today but I still need to do my hair and take a shower and organize all the stuff for the weekend!:O
So, A quick post before all that!XD

Hatuli and his friend Gilad had a show at a bar in Jerusalem and I went to see them^^
It was really good and I enjoyed the music and the show itself cause it was really funny and everyone actually really liked it as well and knew all the word and everythingXD

My look~ As I can wear a knit hat in Jerusalem at nightsXD

Tunic...Tally Weijl
Bra top...Shuk Bezalel
Hat...WC brand



My inspiration for this outfit was a combination between Suzu and TsubasaXD More Suzu though~~

Those are Suzu's colors

And Tsuchan's style

Also, Some more recent gets!

New Cher bag<3
It's a little smaller then I thought but still cute!

Tralala dress that was on my wishlist for like.. FOREVER.
I wanted it in pimk\blue but when I saw this yellow one I was like "this is it".

Smiley Face tops<3

One Spo denim skirt that I haven't decided about yet.. It's a little too short so I might end up selling it:( The problem is that I really need layered denim skirt!!!!!!!!

So that's it for this post~
Tomorrow I'm meeting the gals in Tel Aviv for a fancy brunchXD I think about wearing my michellMacaron dress for the first time cause we decided we all gonna dress up fancyXD

We'll see~

Anyway, It's already late, So good night everyone!<3



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