Friday, September 2, 2016

Israeli Gyaru meet up #3~!

Hi Hi!

It's been a while since I posted~ I've been working a lot lately and also didn't have much time to see friendsT_T I
But! Today's post is about the last Israeli Gyaru meetup cause I remembered that I haven't made a post about it and we already have a date for the next one!:D

Israeli Gyaru Meetup #3!

My look for the meeting~
Went on a Rokku look this time^^

Lashes are Diamond lash Beauty eye & random Donqi lashes

And my outfit^^

Shoes...TFS brand
Accessories...TOPTEN, TNT

Some pics from the meet up at Dizingoff Center Tel Aviv^^

Almog & Nofar


Noga & Noy

Innu chan

With chibi Noy<33

With InnuBee<3

I'm Innu!XD

More picsXD

Noy with Emiri:D

Innu and I worshiping the models in Noy's Ageha

Those damn paparazzi


In the afternoon we all went out of the Center to do some shopping at King George street and Shuk Bezalel~

I bought myself Beatles accessory like the groupie I really am


With Innu, Noy & her sister Tal^^

After we bought cold drinks at Cofix:D

Walking in the streets back to Dizingoff Center

Then we sat at the usual place inside the Center and just hang until we all had to go home:P

And next week we finally have another meeting!<3
It's gonna be on Wednesday [7\9] at 13:00~14:00 pm in Dizingoff Center in Tel Aviv:D If you like Gyaru please join us!^^<3

For the next meeting I'll finally wear my new MarpleQ top<3333
I have to figure out the actual coord though cause I'm not too sure about the one I tried already..:X

Anyway, See you in the next post!<3



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