Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beach Day with Noy & Mayu!^^

Hi Hi!

Second post for today, Before I go to sleep!
I have so much to blog aboutT_T
So! First of all, Tomorrow is a very big event~ The Camicon!
The summer conventions are the biggest so there will be lots of people and it will be fun:D I'm going with Innu cause Nettan is working and Mayu is in Japan so we will have a dateXD
I'm getting readt by bleaching my eyebrows lol using JOLEN which is the best way to do it in my opinion and even though it's not too cheap you can use it forever cause it has a lot in that little box:O

So now I'm gonna tell you about when I went to the beach with Mayu & Noy some time ago:P
We usually go in the morning but this time I worked the night before so we went to the beach a little later at noon and it was so fun! I think I like it better:D

This was my make that day~

I actually broke my last good pair of DL beauty eye lashes so I did a thingXD
I put together 2 broken pairs to make one and the result is a little heavier then usual which I actually like a lot better!

I met Mayu at Dizingoff Center and we went to Bugrashov beach which is my favorite:D
Mayu needed to change to her bikini and the bathrooms were so
omg it was horrible in so many ways

And a better outfit pic~


You know something is right when you get that situation by chance~

Pink Summer!

A second after we set down I found out that this happened:
And I have no idea why, Why? Why!!!

And that little place with the palm trees<3 My favorite spot at the beach!

I was wearing TOPTEN denim bikini^^

Mayu fell asleep while tanningXD

Then Noy joined us after she got off work:D

Chibi! Noy was a strawberry:D

Totally SpiceXD

Us in photos:

Us in real life:

Fun with the warning sign!

Noy & Mayu did some modeling pics like the girls that sat next to us


The Inner Light<3

After the beach we went to McDo and ate ice cream and then we went back to Dizingoff center and Mayu went home while Noy and I stayed then forever and rolled on the floor during George Harrison songs [Well no it was just me]. Funny anywayXD

Great day!
Can;t wait to go to the beach again:D I got some tan that day [The most I got all summer><] and it's as always not enough.
Anyway! I should really go to sleep now cause I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow~~



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