Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New hair color! (And outfit~)

I'm still at home as I said everyone bailed on me and I have already went to visit Hatuli and he gave me soup for dinner:D yayXD
I though about starting to read chapter 11 of 'All those years ago' but it's too much for me right now lol
 so I'll just make a short post about some recent gets and my new hair color:D

So! After I dyed with Beauteen 'Mango Pink' hair color I didn't buy another kit so I wanted to go back to blonde~ My hair really faded and I had black rootsT_T So! I used 2 of those-

This is the hair color that I usually use and I really like it~ It's kinda horribly smell of bleach but it's working lol


After~ Wet hair

And when it's dry:D

It came out lighter then usually and I really like it I'm happy^^
I put it on for 45~50 minutes and then I wash it off.
Also the toner in this hair color really worked~ It looks a bit orange in the wet hair pic but it's actually not orange at all^^

And for a random outfit for meeting a friend in Tel Aviv~ First time wearing my new TFS overall<3

Bra top...FOREVER21
Tank top...Shuk Bezalel
San smiley button...Traffic


I REALLY like the color of this top and also the palm trees print^^<3

And for some of my recent gets!

Bought that belt at Gina in Jaffa st. Jerusalem for 5 nis lol
I really like it even though I feel like an emo kid

I bought 5 different bra tops for 50 nis [10 each] also at Gina

I really likes the prints here too and also they're really comfortable!
I bought 3 of this kind

And 2 of this:

Which looks really basic but the back it like this:


Aaaaaaand some gold accessories for a change~ I really use only silver this days..
I got the bracelet at the 2 nis accessories shop in King George st. in TLV and the rings are from my aunt^^

Also I got more teddy bear earrings in red this time and also Nikochan pierce that I really like^^ each pair for 5 nis at central station Jerusalem

So that's it!
Today I worked on my summer layering post and I can't wait to do it:D
Now I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow when I meet Innu^^

Good Night everyone!



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