Saturday, August 6, 2016

Harajukufest Fashion Show!

Two weeks ago was a very important event for us Japanese fashion lovers here in Israel.. The Harajukufest!
It was the Harajuku fashion walk and the event that also happened last year^^ this was the second Harajuku day in Israel:D I also took part in the fashion show for the second year^^

This time, I didn't go to the walk cause it was really hot and I came from a far to Tel Aviv and didn't want to sweat before the show lol
At the fashion show there were many Harajuku styles and also because we're a part of the Japanese fashion community there was a gyaru sectionXD I did Amekaji and I was really happy to do my favorite style^^ Last year I liked my outfit but I didn't feel as comfortable as this time~

I used my favorite lashes- Diamond lash beauty eye, And the bottom lashes are separate ones that I got from Donqi~ I was a little inspired by Ranzuki model Akipoyo^^

This was my fashion show outfit!

Salopette...Holy Gal brand
Socks...Doll Kiss
Hat...Valentine's High
Accessories...TOPTEN, TNT, etc

Me and Innu on our way to stage from the dressing room lol

Right before going on stage!
Innu did Rokku, Mayu did serebu & Noy did Agejo^^

Lots of pics!

From the panel after the show

With cutie Violet!

Biia chan!<3


With the cute Lolita team^^

With Avia<3

Cola chan

Chibi Noy!

Paparazzi by InnuXD

Then after the event Innu and I went to Landwer as always to drink some coffeeXDD

We're the chikan sun & moon emoji!

I had lots of fun and I was really happy to meet all the cute people and to take part at that wonderful event!<3
Also thanks to all the people that took those photos~^^

I might make another post with more pics cause people are still uploading them to fb:P

So I organized the apartment a bit like I wanted but there are still tons of dishes:( DO NOT WANT.
Also most of the day I looked at Beatles memes on pinterest.
I don't wanna go to work!T_T But I need money:(

Anyway, I might post again tomorrow if I'll have time^^ I'm meeting Mayu and we're maybe going to the beach yay:D
So have a good evening<3




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