Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PiyoBee at the beach~~~

How are you today?

 This morning I went for the first time to do Shiatsu~ I really needed to do something about the pain in my back, neck, etc.

 So my friend's mom is doing Shiatsu so I went there today^^

I worked last night until 3 am and slept for 3 hoursT_T

She lives pretty far from my house in a different part of the city which is like higher, And the view in the morning was beautiful~

Well after the Shiatsu I didn't really feel any different but then I went home and slept for a few more hours and when I woke up I immediately felt different cause I didn't feel the pain almost at all! Amazing^^

For some reason it's really windy here in Jerusalem:X Like it's not mid summerT_T
I hope it will get a little warmer tomorrow cause I'm going to the beachXD

Today's post is also about the beach:D I went to Bugrashov beach with Innu on a Friday^^

My make~

Very light rainbow make using essence pastel palette~
Lashes are Diamond lash Sexy eye.. I think~

Bag...Cher (Mayu's)
Flower bracelet...TOPTEN

The beach!:D


Kakkoii Innu:DD

I was wearing Roxy hibiscus bikini<3

Innu having fun lol

After the beach we went to Landwer's to drink smoothie:D


It was super hot cause we met early and went tot the beach on the hottest hours yet I didn't get as tanned as I thought I wouldT_T I hope tomorrow I will lol

So I'm at home today and cause I had 2 things that got cancelled cause of the other person:| I hate it cause I could have done something with my day if I knew!!
I think I'll use the time to do some more laundry and dishes:(((((((
And maybe I'll go visit Hatuli and work later too^^ At least thatXD

So I wish you all a lovely rest-of-the-day:D



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