Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gets from Tel Aviv!^^ (And an outfit)

Good Morning!

I woke up 2 hours ago and already had 3 cups of coffee. lol
Tonight I'm working so I plan to organize the apartment a little bit and also I need to figure out what I wear tomorrow when I meet Mayu in Tel Aviv^^

So in today's post is about a hangout with Hatuli and the stuff that I bought with Innu before the Harajukufest rehearsal~~ So!

My look for hanging with HatuliXD

Dress...was my mom's
Shirt...Disney [u can't see it tho]
Bag...King George st.
Gudetama plushie...Kiddy Land
Shoes...Scoop brand

We ate falafel:D after forever

And we went to the Bezalel graduate exhibition

Here are my gets from shopping with Innu in Tel Aviv:D

Roxy bikini<333 I'm totally inlove with it!
it was only 10 nis [!!] for both parts

Billabong tank and the orange is off brand but each one was 10 nis

Cute shirt that I like the shape of:D
Also 10 nis


Maxi dress^^ It's kinda rokku and I like it:> I wanted a dress like this for a long time~
30 nis

All those clothes were from Shuk Bezalel btw!

Adorable sandals from central station
each pair 10 nis

Accessories from this random accessories shop at king George st. each one 2 nis

Also I saw on FB that it's been 5 years since that picXDD
lol Mayu & I were so different! It was maybe the first time she came to sleep at my house!

So that's it for now! Wish you all a great day!<3




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